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This is a list of media files for the game Fortune Street.


Super Mario series[edit]

Audio.svg Delfino Plaza - An arrangement of Delfino Plaza's music from Super Mario Sunshine.
File infoMedia:FS Delfino Plaza.oga
Audio.svg Peach's Castle - An arrangement of "Hello, Happy Kingdom!" from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
File infoMedia:FS Peach's Castle.oga
Audio.svg Super Mario Bros. - An arrangement of the overworld music from Super Mario Bros.
File infoMedia:FS Super Mario Bros.oga
Audio.svg Bowser's Castle - An arrangement of the castle music from New Super Mario Bros.
File infoMedia:Fortune Street- Bowser's Castle.oga
Audio.svg Level Up! - An arrangement of the course clear music from New Super Mario Bros.
File infoMedia:FS Level Up - Mario Series.oga
Audio.svg Casino Slot - An arrangement of the bonus music from Super Mario World.
File infoMedia:FS Slot Machine - Mario Series.oga
Audio.svg Auction - An arrangement of the P Switch/Toad House music from Super Mario Bros. 3.
File infoMedia:FS Auction.oga
Audio.svg Venture Card - An arrangement of the athletic music from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
File infoMedia:FS Venture Card.oga
Audio.svg The Evil King Bowser (Super Mario World) - The music for when a player reaches the target net worth on a Super Mario board.
File infoMedia:Fortune Street- The Evil King Bowser.oga
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Dragon Quest series[edit]

Audio.svg Alefgard - An arrangement of the overworld music from Dragon Quest
File infoMedia:FS Alefgard.oga
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Audio.svg Fortune Street - The game's main theme, as heard in the E3 2011 trailer.
File infoMedia:FS Theme.oga
Audio.svg Forced Buyout
File infoMedia:FS Forced Buyout.oga
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Video.svg Fortune Street - The game's trailer.
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File infoMedia:FS Trailer.ogv
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