List of Mario Hoops 3-on-3 media

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The following is a list of media files from the game Mario Hoops 3-on-3. These are the recordings published on the Japan-only soundtrack for the game, not the original files from the game itself; as such, these recordings may differ in quality from the game.


Audio.svg Theme
File infoMedia:MH3o3Theme.oga
Audio.svg Character Selection
File infoMedia:MH3o3CharacterSelect.oga
Audio.svg Strategy Time
File infoMedia:MH3o3StrategyTime.oga
Audio.svg Ranking Announcement
File infoMedia:Mh3o3RankingAnnouncement.oga
Audio.svg Basketball Kingdom
File infoMedia:MH3o3BasketballKingdom.oga
Audio.svg Let's Try!
File infoMedia:MH3o3LetsTry!.oga
Audio.svg Mario Stadium
File infoMedia:MH3o3MarioStadium.oga
Audio.svg Koopa Troopa Beach
File infoMedia:MH3o3KoopaTroopaBeach.oga
Audio.svg Peach Country
File infoMedia:MH3o3PeachField.oga
Audio.svg Donkey Cruise
File infoMedia:MH3o3DKCruiser.oga
Audio.svg Luigi Mansion
File infoMedia:MH3o3LuigiMansion.oga
Audio.svg Wario Factory
File infoMedia:MH3o3WarioFactory.oga
Audio.svg Junior Street
File infoMedia:MH3o3JrStreet.oga
Audio.svg Daisy Garden
File infoMedia:MH3o3DaisyGarden.oga
Audio.svg Bowser Castle
File infoMedia:MH3o3BowserCastle.oga
Audio.svg Sherbet Land
File infoMedia:MH3o3SherbetLand.oga
Audio.svg Bloocheep Ocean
File infoMedia:MH3o3BloocheepSea.oga
Audio.svg Malboro Garden
File infoMedia:MH3o3MalboroGarden.oga
Audio.svg Pirate Ship
File infoMedia:MH3o3PirateShip.oga
Audio.svg Fantastico A
File infoMedia:MH3o3FantasticoA.oga
Audio.svg Mamma Mia A
File infoMedia:MH3o3MammaMiaA.oga
Audio.svg Theme of Airship Appearance
File infoMedia:MH3o3Airship.oga
Audio.svg Rainbow Ship
File infoMedia:MH3o3RainbowShip.oga
Audio.svg Congratulation!
File infoMedia:MH3o3Congratulation!.oga
Audio.svg Highlight Ending
File infoMedia:MH3o3HighlightEnding.oga
Audio.svg Toad's Dream
File infoMedia:MH3o3Toad'sDream.oga
Audio.svg Gather, Everyone!
File infoMedia:MH3o3GatherEveryone!.oga
Audio.svg Who is the CoinHunter?
File infoMedia:MH3o3CoinHunter.oga
Audio.svg Fantastico B
File infoMedia:MH3o3FantasticoB.oga
Audio.svg Mamma Mia B
File infoMedia:MH3o3MammaMiaB.oga
Audio.svg Mario Fanfare
File infoMedia:MH3o3MarioFanfare.oga
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