Mario Classic 8-4

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Mario Classic 8-4
The course as shown on the selection screen.

Mario Classic 8-4 is the second Coin Hunter course in Mario Hoops 3-on-3. It is only available for local multiplayer matches. The course itself is a direct reference to World 8-4 of Super Mario Bros., as the courses background contains many features from the original World 8-4.

Course layout[edit]

This course has a total of fifteen ? Panels unevenly spread throughout its ground. Each panel gives an item for the player to use against their opponent. The players start facing the middle of the course, where a large, two-sided Fire Bar is present. If the Fire Bar makes contact with the characters, they lose coins and are briefly set on fire, making them run out of control. The player is able to jump over the Fire Bar. There are two more Fire Bars on the course. One is located on the border to the direct left of the center area, the other to the right of the center. There are four Warp Pipes in the course. Each one is located on each corner of the center area. The only two Warp Pipes that are accessible to run through are at the bottom left and top right of the course. They both transport the player to the pipes horizontally across from them. Like Mario Classic 1-1, items may not travel through these pipes. The player with the most coins after the 3:20 time limit runs out is the decided winner of the match.