Malboro Garden

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The Malboro Garden

Malboro Garden is an unlockable course in Mario Hoops 3-on-3. Though technically never played on in any Tourney, it is listed as the fourth cup in the Flower Tourney.

To unlock Malboro Garden, the player must choose the Flower Tourney on normal difficulty. When playing on Daisy Garden, the player must dunk the basketball three times in one half without letting the opposing team score. After that, one of the ? Panels will have a blue seed in it. Collecting this blue seed unlocks Malboro Garden.

The court is reminiscent of an alien world, with an orange sky and overgrown vegetation on the court. Several trees overgrown with moss are in the background. The most noticeable aspect in this court is the Malboro that stands behind either basket. The Malboro is an enemy race from Final Fantasy. When a player gets too close to the Malboro, it will spew a toxic purple gas that will knock any player who touches it down and slow them down, as if they collected a Poison Mushroom. The music playing in this stage is a remix of the Daisy Garden stage.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モルボルガーデン
Moruboru Gāden
Malboro Garden
German Morbol-Park Malboro Park