Holy Shot

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White Mage starting to perform her Special Shot.

The Holy Shot is White Mage's Special Shot in the game Mario Hoops 3-on-3. To perform it, the player must tap out a star shape twice. The star probably represents this as the ultimate white magic.

White Mage begins the shot by levitating the ball in a circle around her, as four blue symbols magically appear on the ground around her. The symbols start emitting white columns of light and eventually become a bluish-white disk. White Mage touches the ball, creating another disk and casts the ball high into the air. The entire screen turns white, and the ball comes back down, creating a brilliant blueish-white light show when it enters the basket.

If shot from outside the 3-point line, the ball doesn't leave the screen. Instead, the ball is cast toward the basket with a gleaming white and blue trail. As usual, a teammate needs to dunk the ball in to complete the shot and make the light show appear.

The name of the shot comes from Holy, the ultimate white magic in the Final Fantasy games.