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This is a list of media files for the game Mario Party DS.


Audio.svg One Dark Night - Plays in "Eeek, We're Tiny!", when five Sky Crystals fly in the sky, and one lands near Mario.
File infoMedia:MPDS-One Dark Night.mp3
Audio.svg What's that Light - Plays in "Eeek, We're Tiny!", when Mario tells the others that he found a Sky Crystal, then Kamek sends invitations to the Bowser Bash.
File infoMedia:MPDS-What's That Light.mp3
Audio.svg Here's Bowser - Plays in "Eeek, We're Tiny!", when Bowser traps Mario and his friends and shrinks them so he can steal the Sky Crystal.
File infoMedia:MPDS-Here's Bowser.mp3
Audio.svg Back to Bowser - Plays in "Eeek, We're Tiny!", when Mario and his friends set off on an adventure to defeat Bowser, retrieve the Sky Crystals, and return to normal size.
File infoMedia:MPDS-Back to Bowser.mp3
Audio.svg Go for It, Superstar - Plays at the beginning of a board game, when the board's logo appears and during the flyby of the board.
File infoMedia:MPDS Go for It, Superstar.oga
Audio.svg The Adventure Begins - Plays at the beginning of a game, when players roll for their turns.
File infoMedia:MPDS-The Adventure Begins.mp3
Audio.svg Where's That Star - Plays when showing the Star's location.
File infoMedia:MPDS-Where's That Star.mp3
Audio.svg How to Play - Plays during the explanation of the rules.
File infoMedia:MPDS-How To Play.mp3
Audio.svg Wiggler's Garden Pest - Plays in the cutscene "Pounce on that Piranha Plant".
File infoMedia:MPDS-Wiggler's Garden Pest.mp3
Audio.svg Wiggler's Garden - Wiggler's Garden board theme
File infoMedia:MPDS-Wiggler's Garden.mp3
Audio.svg Toadette's Request - Plays in the cutscene "Break That Hammer Bro".
File infoMedia:MPDS-Toadette's Request.mp3
Audio.svg Toadette's Music Room - Toadette's Music Room board theme
File infoMedia:MPDS-Toadette's Music Room.mp3
Audio.svg Diddy Needs Help - Plays in the cutscene "DK Has Turned to Stone".
File infoMedia:MPDS-Diddy Needs Help.mp3
Audio.svg DK's Stone Statue - DK's Stone Statue board theme
File infoMedia:MPDS-DK's Stone Statue.mp3
Audio.svg Down With Kamek - Plays in the cutscene "Save Koopa Krag".
File infoMedia:MPDS-Down With Kamek.mp3
Audio.svg Kamek's Library - Kamek's Library board Theme
File infoMedia:MPDS-Kamek's Library.mp3
Audio.svg Showdown With Bowser - Plays in the cutscene "Final Bowser Battle" and "Back to Normal!".
File infoMedia:MPDS-Showdown With Bowser.mp3
Audio.svg Bowser's Pinball Machine - Bowser's Pinball Machine board theme
File infoMedia:MPDS-Bowser's Pinball Machine.mp3
Audio.svg Bowser Time - Plays when a player lands on a Bowser Space.
File infoMedia:MPDS Bowser Time.oga
Audio.svg Final 5 Frenzy - Plays before the last 5 turns.
File infoMedia:MPDS Final 5 Frenzy.oga
Audio.svg Good Job, Everyone - Plays in the cutscenes that occur after defeating a boss ("Wiggler's Present", "Toadette's Present", "Diddy's Present", and "The Fourth Sky Crystal").
File infoMedia:MPDS-Good Job, Everyone.mp3
Audio.svg Lucky Seven - Plays when rolling double or triple 7s with a Double Dice Set or Triple Dice Set.
File infoMedia:MPDS Lucky Seven.oga
Audio.svg The Numbers Match - Plays when rolling doubles or triples with a Double or Triple Dice Set.
File infoMedia:MPDS The Numbers Match.oga
Audio.svg You Got a Star - Plays when a player buys a Star.
File infoMedia:MPDS You Got a Star.oga
Audio.svg Who Needs a Star? - Plays when a player gets a Ztar.
File infoMedia:MPDS Who Needs a Star.oga
Audio.svg Beat Him Down - Plays when the player wins a board game to defeat a boss.
File infoMedia:MPDS Beat Him Down.oga
Audio.svg You Got a Minigame - Plays when the player unlocks "Triangle Twisters".
File infoMedia:MPDS You Got a Minigame.oga
Audio.svg Until Next Time - Plays in the final cutscene where the player unlocks Triangle Twisters.
File infoMedia:MPDS-Until Next Time.mp3
Audio.svg Tips for Success - Plays on the mini-game explanation screen.
File infoMedia:MPDS Tips for Success.oga
Audio.svg Into the Fairy Tale - Plays in the mini-games Book It, Cheep Cheep Chance, Penny Pinchers, Cherry-Go-Round, Shorty Scorers, Shortcut Circuit, Soap Surfers, Star Catchers, Sweet Sleuth, and Whomp-a-thon.
File infoMedia:MPDS Into the Fairy Tale.oga
Audio.svg Play Nicely, Everyone - Plays in the mini-games Call of the Goomba, Chips and Dips, Double Vision, Plush Crush, Roller Coasters, Sprinkler Scalers, Tidal Fools, and Trash Landing.
File infoMedia:MPDS Play Nicely, Everyone.oga
Audio.svg Fresh as Mint - Plays in the mini-games Raft Riot, Hanger Management, Parachutin' Gallery, Nothing to Luge, and Rail Riders.
File infoMedia:MPDS Fresh as Mint.oga
Audio.svg The Pressure's On - Plays in the mini-games All Geared Up, Cheep Chump, Big Blowout, Boo Tag, Cube Crushers, Camera Shy, Crater Crawl, Gusty Blizzard, Cyber Scamper, Peek-a-Boo, Hedge Honcho, and Short Fuse.
File infoMedia:MPDS The Pressure's On.oga
Audio.svg Get Into It - Plays in the mini-games Domino Effect, Airbrushers, Get the Lead Out, Hot Shots, Cucumberjacks, Soccer Survival, Flash and Dash, and Study Fall.
File infoMedia:MPDS Get Into It.oga
Audio.svg Bouncing Around - Plays in the mini-games Crazy Crosshairs, Dust Buddies, Globe Gunners, Mole Thrill, Rotisserie Rampage, Rubber Ducky Rodeo, and Toppling Terror.
File infoMedia:MPDS Bouncing Around.oga
Audio.svg They're Neck and Neck - Plays in the mini-games Pedal Pushers, Soil Toil, and Twist and Route.
File infoMedia:MPDS They're Neck and Neck.oga
Audio.svg Contemplation - Plays in the mini-games Dress for Success and Trace Cadets.
File infoMedia:MPDS Contemplation.oga
Audio.svg Another Crazy Match - Plays in the mini-games Fast Food Frenzy, Goomba Wrangler, Power Washer, Shuffleboard Showdown, Memory Mash, and Track Star.
File infoMedia:MPDS Another Crazy Match.oga
Audio.svg Boss Battle - Plays in the Boss mini-games.
File infoMedia:MPDS Boss Battle.oga
Audio.svg Think It Out - Plays in the Puzzle mini-games. It is a medley of the Puzzle mini-game themes from Mario Party 3 through Mario Party 7: "On Your Toes" from Mario Party 3, "Try Hard, Folks" from Mario Party 4, "Serious Competition" from Mario Party 5, "Slow and Steady" from Mario Party 6, and "A Rare Minigame" from Mario Party 7.
File infoMedia:MPDS Think It Out.oga
Audio.svg What's This Song? - Plays in Boogie Beam. It uses the first notes of the Ground Theme from Super Mario Bros.
File infoMedia:MPDS What's This Song.oga
Audio.svg Strike a Pose - Plays when preparing for a prompt to strike a pose in Boogie Beam. It is an arrangement of part of the Underground Theme from Super Mario Bros.
File infoMedia:MPDS Strike a Pose.oga
Audio.svg Ahhhhh! - Plays when being prompted to strike multiple poses in Boogie Beam.
File infoMedia:MPDS Ahhhhh!.oga
Audio.svg Easy Victory - Plays for the winner(s) of a mini-game.
File infoMedia:MPDS Easy Victory.oga
Audio.svg How Could I Lose? - Plays when losing a Boss mini-game.
File infoMedia:MPDS How Could I Lose.oga
Audio.svg A Draw? - Plays if a mini-game ends in a tie. Also plays if the player fails to break their record in a Puzzle mini-game.
File infoMedia:MPDS A Draw.oga
Audio.svg No Way! New Record? - Plays if the player sets a new record.
File infoMedia:MPDS No Way! New Record.oga
Audio.svg Who Came Out on Top? - Plays on the mini-game results screen.
File infoMedia:MPDS Who Came Out on Top.oga
Audio.svg Take Down the Boss - Plays in Bowser's Block Party.
File infoMedia:MPDS Take Down the Boss.oga
Audio.svg You Beat Bowser - Plays when winning Bowser's Block Party.
File infoMedia:MPDS You Beat Bowser.oga
Audio.svg Duel? OK, It's On - Plays at the beginning of Desert Duel.
File infoMedia:MPDS Duel OK, It's On.oga
Audio.svg First or Last? - Plays when deciding the turn order in Desert Duel.
File infoMedia:MPDS First or Last.oga
Audio.svg The Duel is On - Plays during the gameplay of Desert Duel.
File infoMedia:MPDS The Duel is On.oga
Audio.svg Desert Duel - Plays when a player receives a Star in Desert Duel.
File infoMedia:MPDS Desert Duel.oga
Audio.svg Who Goes When? - Plays at the beginning of Pen Pals.
File infoMedia:MPDS Who Goes When.oga
Audio.svg Teamwork is Key - Plays during the gameplay of Pen Pals.
File infoMedia:MPDS Teamwork is Key.oga
Audio.svg Caught - Plays when one of the COM team members gets caught.
File infoMedia:MPDS Caught.oga
Audio.svg Who's the Victor? - Plays when announcing the results in Desert Duel and Pen Pals.
File infoMedia:MPDS Who's the Victor.oga
Audio.svg The Rocket is Mine - Plays when the winner of Rocket Rascals walks to the rocket.
File infoMedia:MPDS The Rocket is Mine.oga
Audio.svg Who's the Champ? - Plays when announcing the winner of any mode in Mini-Game mode.
File infoMedia:MPDS Who's the Champ.oga
Audio.svg Out-of-Reach Rocket - Plays if Rocket Rascals ends in a draw.
File infoMedia:MPDS Out-of-Reach Rocket.oga
Audio.svg Who's the Superstar? - Plays at the end of a board game in Party mode - when counting Stars and coins and awarding bonus Stars.
File infoMedia:MPDS Who's the Superstar.oga
Audio.svg Congrats, Superstar - Plays when announcing the winner of a board game in Party mode and during the final results.
File infoMedia:MPDS Congrats, Superstar.oga
Audio.svg Grand Opening - The game's main theme, which plays on the title screen and E3 2007 trailer.
File infoMedia:MPDS-Grand Opening.mp3
Audio.svg Play Which Mode? - The game's selection theme. Plays on the file select screen, the main menu, and the multiplayer screen.
File infoMedia:MPDS-Play Which Mode.mp3
Audio.svg The Story Begins - Plays when setting the game rules in Story mode.
File infoMedia:MPDS-The Story Begins.mp3
Audio.svg Let's Choose Settings - Plays when setting the game rules in Party, Mini-Game, and Puzzle modes.
File infoMedia:MPDS Let's Choose Settings.oga
Audio.svg Minigame Battle Time - Plays in Step It Up, Battle Cup, and Score Scuffle.
File infoMedia:MPDS Minigame Battle Time.oga
Audio.svg Boss Hunting - Plays in Boss Bash.
File infoMedia:MPDS Boss Hunting.oga
Audio.svg Decathlon Time - Plays in Rocket Rascals.
File infoMedia:MPDS Decathlon Time.oga
Audio.svg Options - Plays in the Gallery.
File infoMedia:MPDS Options.oga
Audio.svg An Item for You - Plays when the player receives a collectible.
File infoMedia:MPDS An Item for You.oga
Audio.svg Finally, You Got One - Plays when the player receives a character figure, boss trophy, or a badge.
File infoMedia:MPDS Finally, You Got One.oga
Audio.svg Exciting Collection - Plays when earning Mario Party Points.
File infoMedia:MPDS Exciting Collection.oga
Audio.svg Present from the Staff - An unused song only accessible in the Gallery.
File infoMedia:MPDS Present from the Staff.oga
Audio.svg Illusory Rhythm - An unused song only accessible in the Gallery.
File infoMedia:MPDS Illusory Rhythm.oga
Audio.svg Thanks a Lot - Plays during the credits.
File infoMedia:MPDS Thanks a Lot.oga
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