List of Mario Party DS media

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This is a list of media files for the game Mario Party DS.


Audio.svg Grand Opening - The game's main theme, which plays on the title screen and E3 2007 trailer.
File infoMedia:MPDS-Grand Opening.mp3
Audio.svg Play Which Mode - The game's selection theme. Plays on the file select screen, the main menu, and the multiplayer screen.
File infoMedia:MPDS-Play Which Mode.mp3
Audio.svg The Story Begins - Plays when setting the game rules in Story mode.
File infoMedia:MPDS-The Story Begins.mp3
Audio.svg One Dark Night - Plays in "Eeek, We're Tiny!", when five Sky Crystals fly in the sky, and one lands near Mario.
File infoMedia:MPDS-One Dark Night.mp3
Audio.svg What's that Light - Plays in "Eeek, We're Tiny!", when Mario tells the others that he found a Sky Crystal, then Kamek sends invitations to the Bowser Bash.
File infoMedia:MPDS-What's That Light.mp3
Audio.svg Here's Bowser - Plays in "Eeek, We're Tiny!", when Bowser traps Mario and his friends and shrinks them so he can steal the Sky Crystal.
File infoMedia:MPDS-Here's Bowser.mp3
Audio.svg Back to Bowser - Plays in "Eeek, We're Tiny!", when Mario and his friends set off on an adventure to defeat Bowser, retrieve the Sky Crystals, and return to normal size.
File infoMedia:MPDS-Back to Bowser.mp3
Audio.svg The Adventure Begins - Plays at the beginning of a game, when players roll for their turns
File infoMedia:MPDS-The Adventure Begins.mp3
Audio.svg Where's That Star - Plays when showing the Star's location.
File infoMedia:MPDS-Where's That Star.mp3
Audio.svg How to Play - Plays during the explanation of the rules.
File infoMedia:MPDS-How To Play.mp3
Audio.svg Wiggler's Garden Pest - Plays in the cutscene "Pounce on that Piranha Plant".
File infoMedia:MPDS-Wiggler's Garden Pest.mp3
Audio.svg Wiggler's Garden - Wiggler's Garden board theme
File infoMedia:MPDS-Wiggler's Garden.mp3
Audio.svg Toadette's Request - Plays in the cutscene "Break That Hammer Bro".
File infoMedia:MPDS-Toadette's Request.mp3
Audio.svg Toadette's Music Room - Toadette's Music Room board theme
File infoMedia:MPDS-Toadette's Music Room.mp3
Audio.svg Diddy Needs Help - Plays in the cutscene "DK Has Turned to Stone".
File infoMedia:MPDS-Diddy Needs Help.mp3
Audio.svg DK's Stone Statue - DK's Stone Statue board theme
File infoMedia:MPDS-DK's Stone Statue.mp3
Audio.svg Down With Kamek - Plays in the cutscene "Save Koopa Krag".
File infoMedia:MPDS-Down With Kamek.mp3
Audio.svg Kamek's Library - Kamek's Library board Theme
File infoMedia:MPDS-Kamek's Library.mp3
Audio.svg Good Job, Everyone - Plays in the cutscenes that occur after defeating a boss ("Wiggler's Present", "Toadette's Present", "Diddy's Present", and "The Fourth Sky Crystal").
File infoMedia:MPDS-Good Job, Everyone.mp3
Audio.svg Showdown With Bowser - Plays in the cutscene "Final Bowser Battle" and "Back to Normal!".
File infoMedia:MPDS-Showdown With Bowser.mp3
Audio.svg Bowser's Pinball Machine - Bowser's Pinball Machine board theme
File infoMedia:MPDS-Bowser's Pinball Machine.mp3
Audio.svg Until Next Time - Plays in the final cutscene where the player unlocks Triangle Twisters.
File infoMedia:MPDS-Until Next Time.mp3
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