Sky Crystal

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The five Sky Crystals, ready to combine into Triangle Twisters

Sky Crystals are special objects in Mario Party DS. Five of them fall from the sky at the beginning of the Story Mode, and one lands near Mario. The next day, he shows it to his friends when the invitation to Bowser's party comes. When Mario and his friends get shrunk from Bowser's Minimizer, he takes the Sky Crystal.

The Sky Crystals are later found in Wiggler's Garden, Toadette's Music Room, DK's Stone Statue, Kamek's Library, and Bowser's Pinball Machine. At the end of the story, the five Sky Crystals form a crystal Nintendo DS which contains the minigame Triangle Twisters, unlocked after the credits roll.

Sky Crystal locations[edit]

Sky Crystal Gameboard
Red Wiggler's Garden
Green Toadette's Music Room
Blue DK's Stone Statue
Yellow Kamek's Library
Magenta Bowser's Pinball Machine

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Cristal del Cielos Crystal of the Skies