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A Hex before being picked up at a Hex Area

Hexes are items that are introduced in the game Mario Party DS. They work as traps. Hexes are essentially the counterparts to the Character Spaces of Mario Party 7, replacing the space they are thrown to with that of the character's head. Only the person who set the trap can see what type of hex is set; other players see it just as a character icon.

These types of items are similar to most of the Capsules that came from Mario Party 5 through Mario Party 7. Hexes can be obtained by simply passing through a Hex Area; different types of Hexes may vary during gameplay. Players can carry three Hexes and normal items at a time. The players can use them to place traps on the board before the player hits the Dice Block. Hexes can be placed only on Blue and Red Spaces during the game, and they can only be thrown within five spaces forwards or backwards from the player's current position.

When a player lands on their own Hex the player placed earlier, the player gains five Coins instead of executing the trap itself, and then it disappears. In addition, when the player places a Hex on a previous player's Hex in the game board, the previous player's Hex is overlapped by the new Hex.


  • Hex is an abbreviation of the word hexagon, the shape of the items appearing the game. It is also a type of curse. They can be thought of as cursing the space the player throws it to.