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Princess Daisy approaching a Hex in Mario Party DS, from the board Wiggler's Garden.
Daisy, about to collect a Hex at a Hex Area.

Hexes are items introduced in Mario Party DS. Hexes can be used to place traps on spaces before rolling the Dice Block, in a similar vein to Character Spaces from previous Mario Party titles. Hexes can be placed on any Blue Space or Red Space located within five spaces ahead or behind the player. Only the Hex placer can see what type of hex is set; other players see it as the character's emblem. These items cannot be bought and must be obtained by passing through a Hex Area. Hexes are stored in the same inventory as normal items, so a maximum of three Hexes can be carried at a time. After a player lands on a Hex and undergoes its effect, it is erased.

When a player lands on their own Hex, most will grant the player five Coins and erase themselves. Alternatively, when a player lands on their own Star Block Hex or Coin Block Hex, they will still be able to collect stars and coins respectively.

Name Image Description
10-Coin Hex Hex-10.png Causes the player who lands on the hex to give ten coins to the one who set it.
20-Coin Hex Hex-20.png Causes the player who lands on the space to give twenty coins to the player who placed the hex.
Coin Swap Hex Hex-Coin.png Causes the player who set the hex and the player that lands on it to swap coin totals.
1-Star Hex Hex-1S.png The player who lands on this hex must give one star to the player who set it.
2-Star Hex Hex-2S.png The player who sets this hex steals two stars from the player that lands on it.
Space Swap Hex Hex-Space.png Both the player who lands on the hex and the one who placed it swap positions on the board.
Star Block Block-Star.png The player who lands on this hex can hit a block with a 1 through 3 on it to gain that many stars.
Coin Block Block-Coin.png The player that lands on this hex is able to hit a block containing coins, by pressing the A button repeatedly, to gain as many as possible in ten seconds.


  • The name "Hex" refers to both its hexagonal design and its ability to "curse" spaces.