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Character Space
Team (Sea)Gull space from Mario Party 7
Purpose Varies, but the owner/team usually benefits. Landing on one's own or ally's space yields five coins (can be tripled by the roulette in the Last Five Turns Event).
First appearance Mario Party 6 (2004)
Latest appearance Mario Party 7 (2005)
Not to be confused with Capsule Space.

Character Spaces are spaces used in Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7. Players or teams make them by placing one of their Orbs on a space on the board. This makes the space theirs, and it has a picture of their heads to show that they own it (in Mario Party 7, it is their icon or their designated team icon, being Team Dolphin, Team Seagull, Team Tuna, or Team Mollusk). There are two types of Character Spaces: Normal and Roadblock. While Koopa Kid Spaces function like character spaces (which means they can be set and replaced by orbs), players cannot throw the orbs that activate these spaces. Instead, Koopa Kid Spaces appear when a player receives a Koopa Kid Orb from passing an Orb Space, a player receives a Koopa Kid Orb upon entering a Bowser Shop, or in the Last Five Turns Event.

Normal Character Spaces consist of Orbs such as the Spiny Orb and the Pink Boo Orb and remain on the board until someone puts another orb on it. Opponents who land here trigger the Orb, and they have to give whatever the space requests to the owner or the team of that space. Players or the players' allies that land on their own Character Space receive five coins (15 in the last 4 or 5 turns).

Roadblock Character Spaces are not permanent. They are more similar to traps set for an opponent. Any rival that passes an opponent's Roadblock Space triggers the trap and has to pay the price. Once a Roadblock is triggered, it disappears. Players or allies that pass their own Roadblocks are unaffected.

In Mario Party 6, one of the Last Five Turns Events added five random Character Spaces for the last place player to the board. In E. Gadd's Garage, one of the ? Spaces gave players or team the option of adding up to five random Character Spaces to the board for a price.

Character Spaces return in Mario Party DS. When a Hex is set, the space where it is set changes into the Character Space of the one who set it.

In Mario Party 3, claimed Basic Spaces resemble Character Spaces.

Additionally, Dr. Dolphin's emblem in Dr Mario World resembles Team Dolphin's Character Space, albeit slightly rotated counterclockwise.

Mario Party 6[edit]

Mario Party 7[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャラマス
Kyara Masu
Character Space