Spiked Goomba

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The Thousand-Year Door Enemy
Spiky Goomba
Spiky Goomba - Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door.png
Location(s) Rogueport Sewers, Petal Meadows, Hooktail Castle
Max HP 2
Attack 2
Defense 0
Moves Spikebonk (2)
Items Dried Shroom (drop only), Fire Flower, Fright Mask (drop only), Mushroom, Power Punch, Sleepy Sheep, Volt Shroom (drop only), Close Call
Coins 0 - 1
Log A Goomba that wears a spiked helmet. Slightly higher attack power than a typical Goomba.
Misc. stats
Level 8
Exp. points 0
Sleep? 100%
Dizzy? 100%
Confuse? 100%
Tiny? 100%
Burn? 100%
Freeze? 100%
Stop? 110%
Soft? 100%
Fright? 110%
Gale Force? 110%
KO? 150%

That's a Spiky Goomba. ...A spiky-headed Goomba. What a creative name. That spike is super-pointy, so it's better to hit it with a hammer than jump on it. Maximum HP is 2, Attack is 2, and Defense is 0. The addition of the spike means you'll hurt your feet if you jump on it. Duh!

Not to be confused with Prickly Goomba.
“Ouch, that was cold.”
Spiky Goomba, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Spiked Goombas (known as Spiky Goombas in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and referred to as "Spiny Goombas" by Professor Frankly) are Goombas that have thought of a creative way to avoid being squished by Mario. They wear green helmets similar to Spike Top shells to prevent Jump moves from damaging them, covering the common Goomba's weakness. They are tougher than regular Goombas and Paragoombas making the Spiky Goomba the strongest of the standard Goomba family tree. While their helmets are a great defense against jumps, they're still defenseless against most other attacks. Mario's Hammer or Bowser's fire breath are two good examples. Spiked Goombas are a staple of the Paper Mario series, being one of two variants of the normal Goomba, and have appeared the first three Paper Mario games. A similar Goomba appears in Mario Party 7 in a shop in Bowser's Enchanted Inferno!.


A Spiked Goomba getting hurt

Paper Mario[edit]

Spiked Goombas made their debut appearance in Paper Mario. They are first seen in Goomba Road, but also appear in many different locations, such as Pleasant Path. A single Spiked Goomba also appears at Bowser's Castle, and was in charge of guarding the items in the storage room. However, instead of guarding them, he decided to sell them to Mario and company as if the storage room was an item shop (this could be due to the fact that the Spiked Goomba had no idea who Mario is).

Like all Goombas, a Spiked Goomba attacks by headbonking. Also if Mario takes damage from the Spiked Goomba's headbonk attack or if Mario jumps on a Spiked Goomba, the Spiked Goomba will laugh.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Spiked Goombas reappear as common enemies, but they are known as Spiky Goombas. Just like in Paper Mario, jumping on it will cause Mario or a partner to take damage. Their earliest appearance is at the beginning of the game, where one battles with a normal Goomba and a Paragoomba in the Rogueport Sewers, and are later found in Petal Meadows. Once Mario obtains the Spike Shield badge, he will be able to jump on the Spiky Goombas as well as on any other 'spiked' enemy.

Super Paper Mario[edit]

In Super Paper Mario, Spiked Goombas once again appear. They, as always, cannot be stomped by normal means. However, they can be defeated by using a Pixl, such as Boomer, Carrie, Barry, or Cudge. Bowser's fire breath attack can also toast them. They appear in the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials in rooms 12 and 38.

Later games[edit]

Spiked Goombas do not reappear in Paper Mario: Sticker Star (being essentially replaced by Paper-Cone Goombas), but what appears to be a Spiked Goomba's helmet reappears on the Spike Helmet sticker. Spiked Goombas also remain absent in Paper Mario: Color Splash, being replaced by Spike Guys.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Paper Mario Enemy
Spiked Goomba
SpikedGoomba PM.png Max HP 2 Attack 2 Defense 0 Type Ground, Top-Spiky
Level 6 Strong None Weak None Moves Spikebonk (2)
Sleep? 100%, 0 Dizzy? 100%, 0 Shock? 100%, 0 Shrink? 100%, 0
Stop? 100%, 0 Fright? 100% Air Lift? 95% Hurricane? 90%
Coins 1 + 0-1 Items Mushroom Run 6 Location(s) Goomba Village, Goomba Road, Pleasant Path
Tattle This is a Spiked Goomba. Spiked Goombas are Goombas with spikes on their heads. Max HP: 2, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0 Whatever you do, don't jump on their spikes or you'll get hurt or even paralyzed!
Super Paper Mario Enemy
Spiked Goomba
SPMSpikedGoomba.png Max HP 1 Attack 2 Defense 0 Location(s) Yold Desert (1-3), Gloam Valley (2-1), The Bitlands (3-1), Tile Pool (3-2), Flipside Pit of 100 Trials (Rooms 12 and 38)
Score 100 Items Card Type Common Card Location(s) Card Shop; Catch Card/SP
Card Description A Goomba with a spike strapped to its helmet. Head spikes: the ultimate in antistomping technology.
  List of Catch Cards  
  2      3      4  
Tattle It's a Spiked Goomba. Look at that spiky hat! Max HP is 1. Attack is 2. That spiky hat makes stomping it or picking it up a very bad idea... I would recommend throwing something at it... Or you could just walk on by...

Related Species[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トゲクリボー
Spike Goomba
Spanish Goompincho From Goomba and pincho (spike)
French Goombapic Portmanteau of "Goomba" and pic (spike)
German Pieks-Gumba Portmanteau of Gumba (Goomba) and Pieks (Spike)
Korean 가시굼바
Gasi Gumba
Spike Goomba
Chinese 刺头栗子小子
Cìtóu Lìzi Xiǎozi
Spike Head Goomba