Fahr Outpost

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Fahr Outpost
PMTTYD Fahr Outpost.png
Greater location Rogueport's surrounding areas
Ruler Fahr Outpost mayor
Inhabitants Bob-ombs, Fred, General White, Gob, Nob, Rob, Swob
First appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
“This is Bob-omb village, DA-BLOOIE! There is nothing here, DA-BLAMMO!”
Nob, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Fahr Outpost is an icy town that Mario and his partners can access through the Rogueport Sewers in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is home to many Bob-ombs, including General White. Fahr Outpost is located in an icy region far away from Rogueport. The outpost consists of several buildings and houses, all of which look like bunkers. The area resembles the Far North region of Russia, with the indigenous Bob-ombs displaying Russian-inspired accent and headwear. There are stone walls around the outpost, most of which are cracked and have barbed wire over them. The Bob-ombs here dislike foreigners, particularly non-Bob-ombs. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, it is Admiral Bobbery's presence in Mario's party that helps build trust between Mario and the Bob-ombs.

Mario and his allies must get Goldbob's permission to use Grande Boom here to get to The Moon. There is a small statue of a cannon at the end of the outpost, but the real cannon is in a massive underground chamber. The first building in the area is always locked. It is the cannon's control center.

"Fahr" is word play on Fahrenheit, in reference to the area's cold climate, and far, in reference to the location's distance from Rogueport. "Fahr Outpost" could also be a play on the phrase "far out," a term that describes something as being extreme or radical.


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Item Icon Found In
Double Dip P Double Dip P.png In the first scene of the path, it's in an invisible block in front of the last tree.
HP Plus P HP Plus P.png In the third scene of the path, it's in the red question block on the ground.
Inn Coupon Inn Coupon TTYD.png In the east area, it's behind the stairs in front of the inn.
Shine Sprite Shine Sprite TTYD.png In the second scene on the path, it's behind the last south-side tree before the village.
In the east village scene, it's on the ground to the right of General White's house.
Snow Bunny Snow Bunny TTYD.png Given by Swob for doing his trouble.
Space Food Space Food TTYD.png In the east area of the village, it appears on the left chair every time Mario sleeps at the inn.
Star Piece Star Piece TTYD.gif In the first scene on the path, it's under a panel to the left of the entrance pipe.
In the second scene on the path, it's among the grass to the left of the south-side tree in the middle.
In the third scene on the path, it's behind the south-side wall just before the village.
In the west village scene, it's in the wall corner in the southwest.
In the east village scene, it's behind the boxes in General White's house.
In the east village scene, it's under a panel to the left of the cannon statue.

Other items are on sale at the Northwinds Mart item shop.

Hidden ? Block[edit]

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Item Description Image Image (block revealed)
Double Dip P.png
Double Dip P Badge
In the first area with the Warp Pipe to Rogueport Sewers, Mario should jump directly in front of the rightmost tree to reveal the hidden ? Block. The location of this block is mentioned in Wonky's Tales, "Cold Place's Secret".[1] PMTTYDHiddenBlocks13.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks13R.png

Area Tattles[edit]

  • "This slowly falling snow is totally beautiful, but it's super-SUPER-cold out here! If I lived here long enough, I'd probably turn into an abominable Goomba!"
  • "Say, Mario, did you know... Walking in the snow leaves really cool footprints! Thing is, the snow's falling so hard, they totally disappear pretty quickly."
  • "Hey, Mario, check it out! I can totally see my breath! Must be really cold, huh? That is just SO awesome! I grew up in a warm place, so this is totally new to me!"
  • "This is a part of Fahr Outpost. It's a village full of Bob-ombs. How do they survive out in this cold anyway? Don't their fuses freeze off? You'd think these people would be bitter, living here... But they all look just fine!"
  • "This is part of Fahr Outpost. There's a shop and an inn here, so that's something... They have a huge, cannonlike monument over there, too. Very Bob-ombish!"
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In-Game Map Description[edit]

  • A village of Bob-ombs in a mountainous region that is snowbound year-round. It's a place so cold it'll freeze your breath, but it has heartwarming shops and inns.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サイハテ
Saihate Mura
Farthest Village
Spanish Bomburgo Pun on bomba and burgo (burg) and the "o" which is in many Spanish town names.
French Perduvostok Perdu means "lost", while the "vostok" suffix is derived from Vladivostok
German Großfrostheim Pun on Großostheim, the former residence of Nintendo of Europe, and "frost".
Italian Bomburgo Like the Spanish name


  • Unlike other locations in the game, Mario does not have to place the previous Crystal Star (the Garnet Star) at The Thousand-Year Door to visit Fahr Outpost, but he cannot progress onwards to The Moon until then.
  • Most of the characterizations of the Bob-ombs in the village, the environment, and their use of a secret weapon and wanting to closely guard it from enemy usage, are similar to the Cold War, specifically Soviet Russia. In the Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide for The Thousand Year Door, the commentary stated "Considering most of the Bob-ombs speak with Russian accents, those of you who grew up in the '60s may feel a bit nervous when you see the enormous weapon rise from a silo. Resist the urge to hide under a desk and tuck your head between your legs.", referring to a standard method during the early Cold War of trying to evade a nuclear attack, called duck and cover, as well as the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis.


  1. ^ Wonky: There's a pipe down here that leads to a very cold place, ol' Wonky hears, and if you jump in front of the tree to the far right of the area you come out in then you get something nice, supposedly. But you won't catch 'ol Wonky out in a chilly place like that, no sir!