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The Happy Lucky Lottery

The Happy Lucky Lottery is a lottery held in Rogueport in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is run by a Bulky Bob-omb named Lucky. In order to win the lottery, the player must first purchase a Lottery Pick from Lucky. A Doogan normally hangs out here, cursing his bad luck. The lottery is located in the west side of Rogueport. At midnight, a number is randomly chosen. The time is based off of the Nintendo GameCube's date settings.

One can buy more than one ticket by changing the date settings on their GameCube backwards. However, when done and the player admits that they changed the clock, Lucky will have a meltdown and pretend to give a Game Over. Regardless of which choices are selected, Mario will be fined 500 Coins and the lottery will not start up until the next day on the clock.


Prizes are awarded when a number matches in its exact spot from right to left (will keep checking until all four numbers match or there is a mismatch anywhere), and are given by Lucky after checking the winning number, (First time Lottery winners will win badges if they get 3 or all 4 numbers matching the day's lottery; after winning those badges, Zess T items will be given whenever the player gets either 3 or 4 matching numbers). If Mario's Lottery Pick's four numbers match up exactly with the lottery board, Lucky will get very excited and give Mario a Lottery Pick for free replacing the old one until Mario gets another jackpot.

Here are the prizes:

Matching Numbers (Right to Left) Prize
4 numbers Power Plus Badge or Zess Dynamite
3 numbers Lucky Day Badge or a Zess Special
2 numbers Ultra Shroom
1 number Life Shroom
0 numbers Mushroom (consolation prize)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボムへいくじ
bomuhei kuji
Bob-omb lottery
Italian Totob-omba From "Totocalcio" (an Italian soccer pool company) and "Bob-omb"