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“This is Podley's Place, a humble little cola shop where folks mix stories and drinks.”
Podley, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Podley is the proprietor of Podley's Place, a soda bar in Rogueport which serves Chuckola Cola. His appearance bears a resemblance to the Beanish, but he's not confirmed to be a member of the species.

Having lived in Rogueport for a long time, Podley knows much about the townsfolk. He is the one to reveal to Mario that Admiral Bobbery's depression is a result of his wife's death and why he refused to sail another day. After explaining the whole sad story of the Admiral's past, Podley then says to Mario to give Bobbery his wife's final words, because when Podley tried to do it, he stopped after seeing Bobbery in a miserable state of mind. Podley is also said to have been in love with the Twilight Town resident Eve. However, when Mario takes on her trouble and talks to Podley about this, he claims to know no such person. However, as Mario leaves, Podley says "Oh, my Eve..." which may imply that he does remember her but does not acknowledge it.


  • "That's the innkeeper, Podley. He looks distinguished, always polishing those glasses. I wouldn't mind having a cold Chuckola Cola sometime and listening to him talk. He opened this inn a long time ago, so he really knows about the townsfolk."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マスター・ビーン
Masutā Bīn
Master Bean
French Harry Cossec Play on "haricot sec" (dried bean)
Italian Mastro Borlotto "mastro" means "master", "borlotto" is a variety of Tuscan bean
Spanish Don Bean Mister Bean