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Goombella, Mario and Swindell in Rogueport.
Goombella, Mario and Swindell

Swindell is a Bandit that lives in the east side of Rogueport in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Goombella has heard he is a thief but he has never been seen stealing. He spends time whispering to Arfur, a Doogan, about something unknown. Swindell's name is a pun on "swindle," a verb meaning to obtain money or possessions through deception.

Swindell seems to be a supporter of Ishnail and does not like the actions of the Pianta syndicate led by Don Pianta. However, he admits that he has neither seen Ishnail, Don Pianta or the Don's successor, Frankie. At the end of the game, he decides that neither of them are as good as Mario.


  • "That's Swindell, the bandit. At least, I HEAR he's a thief, but I've never seen him steal. He's always whispering to Arfur about something."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボーロン
Boron; from「ボロドー」(Borodō, Bandit)
French Maskrate From Maskass (French name of Shy Guys, in which Bandits are relatives to) and rate (fail)
Italian Furfabio From "Furfo" (Bandit) and the given name Fabio
Spanish Serrallonga Possibly it's a reference to a Spanish mini-series Serrallonga, la llegenda del bandoler (that is about a famous bandit)