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Toodles, the wealthy Toad
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
“Well, hello there, you big, burly hunk of a man you. You're smashing, dear.”
Toodles, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Toodles is a wealthy Toad who lives in the ritzy neighborhood of Poshley Heights in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Toodles' name might be a pun of "toodles", another way to say goodbye stereotypically associated with posh or wealthy people, especially women.

She likes to flaunt her wealth by wearing expensive fur dresses and luxurious jewelry. It is unknown how Toodles amassed her vast fortune; however, the game indicates that she is a gold digger, using her physical attractiveness to leech off the wealth of men.


Mario first meets Toodles in the lobby of the Glitz Pit, where she is looking for the champion so that she can flirt with him. At this time, she even ignores Mario as she waited. However, once Mario claimed the title for himself, Toodles's flirtatious advances shifts to him as well.

Later, Mario encounters Toodles again in Cabin 002 of the Excess Express during his quest for the Garnet Star in Poshley Heights as she decided to return home via the luxury locomotive after her stay in Glitzville. During the three-day trip back home, her Gold Ring is stolen by Doopliss (disguised as Zip Toad). The Shadow Sirens plan to use the ring, along with the waitress's Shell Earrings and the Nitro Honey Syrup from the Businessman's briefcase to bomb the train and fulfill the "sticky, yummy doom" Mario has been warned of in an effort to prevent the team from reaching the Star. Mario eventually catches the fake Zip Toad, who reluctantly relinquishes the stolen items, including the Gold Ring. When Mario returns the ring to Toodles, she rewards him with thirty coins.

On the third day, Toodles is among the passengers who are absorbed into a hoard of Smorgs that attacks the train. Mario eventually defeats the Smorgs, causing them to blow away in the wind, and save the wealthy Toad, who safely returns home in Poshley Heights.

When Bowser and Kammy Koopa visit Poshley Heights during an intermission after Chapter 7, Bowser can optionally talk to Toodles, who expresses her desire to mount his "terribly fine horns" in her foyer to highlight her social status, which Bowser rejects in disgust.

While Mario battles the Shadow Queen, Toodles cheers for Mario, revealing to Pennington that the player is Mario, not Luigi.

Apparently, Toodles is friends with Jolene, the current manager of the Glitz Pit. In her trouble at the Trouble Center (available after Chapter 6), Toodles asks for Mario to return the Wrestling Mag that she loaned to Jolene.


Glitz Pit
  • "That's Toodles the Toad. GOSH, this woman knows how to dress. I'm SO jealous! Even classy ladies like her come to watch the fights. I guess she likes tough guys..."
Excess Express
  • "That's Toodles the Toad. Gosh, that woman is so fashionable it makes me sick! She's obviously the kind of lady that belongs on this train. Classy all the way!"
Poshley Heights
  • "That's Toodles the Toad. Gosh, that woman is so fashionable it makes me sick! She's obviously the kind of lady that belongs around here. Classy all the way!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マダム ローズ
Madamu Rōzu
Madam Rose
Spanish T. Rose -
French Madame Rose Literal translation of Japanese name
German Brillan T. Pun on "brillant"
Italian Apollonia -