Tayce T.

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Tayce T.
TayceT PM.png
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“Oh my goodness, it's Mario! My name is Tayce T. I looooove to cook! ♡”
Tayce T., Paper Mario

Tayce T. is a Toad cook in Paper Mario. After escaping from Peach's Castle at the beginning of the game, she serves as the local cook in Toad Town who would cook items for Mario if he brings ingredients to her. She can be found in the yellow building in the scene which is south of the Post Office. Her cooking ability improves after Mario finds the Cookbook for her in Chapter 4. She is a kind Toad who enjoys cooking. Her name is a pun on the English word "tasty".

Her role is fulfilled by Zess T. in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and Saffron and Dyllis in Super Paper Mario.


Paper Mario[edit]

Mario, in Tayce T.'s kitchen.
Mario in Tayce T.'s kitchen

Tayce T. is first found in the kitchen of Peach's Castle at the beginning of Paper Mario, when Mario is invited to the party. If Mario talks to her, she will say that she has cooked all the food for the party. She also has to go shopping after having used up all the ingredients.[1] There is another Toad who has been practicing cooking here and thinks that it is fun.[2] After Bowser takes control of the castle, Tayce T. manages to escape. There will be full supply of ingredients when Peach bakes a cake in the kitchen later in the game, implying that Tayce T. has bought them prior to Bowser's invasion.

After Chapter 1, Tayce T. can be found in a house near the entrance of the southern area in Toad Town. There is a kitchen in the house. She offers to cook dishes for Mario if he brings ingredients to her. If Mario gives her an item, she will cook it using the kitchen, usually making it into something better.

Her frying pan is stolen during Chapter 4 when the Shy Guys invade Toad Town, leaving her sad since she cannot cook. After Mario retrieves it for her from Shy Guy's Toy Box, she will gratefully cook Mario a Cake, which she swore never to bake again because it was what won the heart of her late husband.[3] (Wonky states in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door that Zess T. has an almost identical issue with Couple's Cake.) With the frying pan, she can also cook additional cakes from Cake Mixes found in the Blue Station area of the toy box. Mario has to use the cake to move Gourmet Guy in order to proceed further.

If Mario picks the Cookbook dropped by Gourmet Guy and gives it to Tayce T., she will be able to use two items as ingredients at once, resulting in more food she can cook. She will then write Mario a letter, telling him one of her new recipes.


  • "She's Tayce T., by far the greatest cook around. Trust me, my mom is a really great cook, but even she admits that she could learn a thing or two from Tayce T. Tayce T. will cook for you if you take ingredients to her. C'mon, let's ask her!"


Tayce T.'s Letter from Paper Mario.
Tayce T.'s letter.

Hi there, Mario. Are you eating regularly? You know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

The Cookbook you gave me really comes in handy.♡
I already knew a lot about recipies, but with this book, I can cook a world of new dishes!
I want to tell you about the latest dish I've been cooking. It's unique!
It takes a Fire Flower and an Egg to fix it. When I first made it, it blew me away!
It might help you on your adventures. Please come visit me with those ingredients!♡

Tayce T.


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Super Mario-kun[edit]

Tayce T. appears in the Super Mario-kun adaption of Paper Mario. As in the game, a Shy Guy steals Tayce T.'s Frying Pan. Mario attempts to beat the Shy Guy, but he ends up beating up her instead. Soon, a Shy Guy steals her mushroom cap, revealing a shiny bald head inside, making her cry.

General information[edit]

Tayce T. is famous for her cooking ability around the world in Paper Mario. She has taught several characters cooking on occasions,[4] earning her admiration from many people in the Mushroom Kingdom. Some of Koopa Koot's favors specifically request Tayce T.'s recipes, which are assumed to be of fine quality. One piece of gossip on the Toad Town notice board mentioned that Tayce T. runs a cooking class that had to be canceled, likely due to Princess Peach's kidnapping at the hands of Bowser at the beginning of the game.[5] Another piece mentions unpleasant experience when getting served Tayce T.'s food.[6]

According to a certain Toad in Paper Mario, Tayce T. is The Master's sister.[7] This same Toad reveals that Tayce T. used to live in the Dojo alongside her brother before moving to her own place in South Toad Town and was taught to cook by a Goomba implied to be Gooma. One of Wonky's stories in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door mentions that Zess T., a similarly aged female Toad who parallels Tayce T. in terms of her role (although she has the polar opposite personality), has a sister who "married and moved away a long time ago." If it is true, this tale has several implications, chiefly that the sister in question is Tayce T., since Toad Town is "away" from Rogueport. The story also implies that Tayce T. was once married and may have originated in Rogueport but later moved to Toad Town. Since Tayce T. appears to live alone and there are no other elderly male Toads aside from the Toad Minister, given that she mentions her "late" husband, a third implication is that her husband passed away. If Tayce T. is Zess T.'s sister, then the relationship between Saffron and Dyllis becomes even more analogous, as the pair have personalities and abilities that parallel those of Tayce T. and Zess T., respectively.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャシー

Chinese 凯茜
Cathy (from iQue's localization of Paper Mario)

French Goû T
From "goûter" (to taste)
German Omle T.
Pun on "Omelette" (omelet)
Spanish T. Tais
From the English name


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    Oh, hello there, Mario! I'm Tayce T. I really love to cook!♡
    You may not know this, but I cooked all the food for this big party. I made all of my most delicious dishes!♡
    But... Oh dear... I got so into my cooking that I used up all of my ingredients!
    Now I have to go shopping!
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    I've been practicing cooking.
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    This is my most delicious Cake.
    One taste of it won my late darling's heart...♡
    I swore I would never make it again, but you're very special, Mario.♡
    Just one bite will make anybody go ga-ga!♡
  4. ^ From a Toad outside Tayce T.'s house in Toad Town:
    Doesn't something smell good?
    Tayce T. lives in this house. She's an incredibly good cook.
    She just taught me the recipe for delicious Fried Shroom. You make it with a Mushroom.
    Someday, if I keep practicing, maybe I'll become a master chef.
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    ☆ Toad Town Underground News ☆
    Miss Tayce T.'s cooking class will be canceled for a while.
    Miss T. is very sad to make this announcement. Her beauty has faded because of her sadness.
    You'd better not eat dishes cooked by Miss T. or you might just turn pale.
    A gossip-loving Toad
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    ☆ Toad Town Underground News ☆
    A few days ago, I ate some of Miss Tayce T.'s homemade food. They say she loves to cook, don't you know.
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    The guy I was with really liked his but mine was so disgusting I almost barfed. It was that foul.
    I guess I was just unlucky but I'm nervous about trying again...
    Unlucky guy
    with an upset stomach
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    Tayce T. learned to cook from the Goomba teacher's wife.
    What? You don't know why Tayce T. lived in the Dojo?
    The Master and Tayce T. are brother and sister. Everybody knows that!