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Fishmael PM.png
“'Tis no use, tryin' ter fish with no caterpillar... ”
Fishmael, Paper Mario

Fishmael is seen in Paper Mario fishing by the docks at the port and arguing with a Fuzzipede. Parakarry and Mario can deliver letters between him and his fishing buddies, Goompapa, Muss T., and Koover. He loves to fish and is always seen fishing in the ports of Toad Town. It is completely unknown what creature he is, although the fishing rod sticking out of his head resembles the antenna of a female anglerfish and his face is reminiscent of many cartoon fishes.


“I really hate eating fish. But fishing does look like fun... Fishing in the harbor must be pretty relaxing. My dad goes fishing, too. I wonder if he knows this guy... But seriously, I hate fish.”
Goombario, Paper Mario

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つりをしている人
Tsuri wo shite iru hito
Fishing person
Spanish Pezmael From "pez" (fish) and "Ishmael"


  • His name comes from Ishmael, the sailor/teacher from the famous 19th century novel Moby-Dick, whose name in turn comes from Ishmael, the son of Hagar and Abraham. His name is also similar to the item "Fishmeal", a brown powder created when fish is processed.
  • His name is revealed from the description of the letter addressed to him, but it is later mentioned again in a dialogue from the Fuzzipede after Chapter 6 is completed. In the Japanese version of the game, he is simply described as つりをしている人 tsuri o shiteiru hito in the description of the letter and つり人 tsuribito by Fuzzipede, both of which translate to "the fishing person". Goombario's Tattle does not include his name in either version.