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Mario and Parakarry at the Post Office.
A letter

In the game Paper Mario, letters can be received throughout the game for Mario and his eight partners, Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, Parakarry, Lady Bow, Watt, Sushie, and Lakilester. The letters for Mario can be found at his house, while the rest of the letters for his partners are found at the Toad Town Post Office. This is a list of all of the available letters in the game.

Mario and Luigi[edit]

Peach's Letter For Mario
A letter from Peach

At the beginning of the game, Princess Peach sends Mario and Luigi a letter inviting them to the party. The letter is carried by Parakarry.

I'm throwing a party at my castle today! Mario and Luigi, I would be honored if you both could attend.
Many guests from distant towns are hoping to meet you.
There will be tasty sweets and all kinds of entertainment! I hope to see you here soon!

Sincerely, Peach

At the end of the game, Princess Peach sends them another invitation letter, but its content is not revealed by the game.


Little T.[edit]

Little T.'s Letter from Paper Mario.
Little T.'s letter.
  • The first letter Mario receives is from Little T., a young Toad who trains at the Toad Town Dojo.
  • The letter is received after Kooper joins the party.

Dear Mario,

How do you do?
I'm Little T.
I'm just a little Toad.
I live in Toad Town.
I've been training at the Dojo so I can save Princess Peach!
I'll write to you again later.


Vanna T.[edit]

Vanna T.'s Letter from Paper Mario.
Vanna T.'s letter.
  • The second letter Mario receives is from Vanna T., Chuck Quizmo's assistant. It is the second letter in the coding of Paper Mario, but Mario doesn't receive this letter if he hasn't participated in Chuck Quizmo's quiz show.
  • It is received after Mario correctly answers the first Chuck Quizmo Quiz.

Hello, Mario.

I'm Vanna T., Chuck Quizmo's lovely assistant.
Thanks for participating in our quiz show.
Our ratings are through the roof!
Are those Star Pieces helping you?
Please keep coming back until you answer the last question!
I'll cheer you on!

Vanna T.

Koopa Bros.[edit]

Koopa Bros.'s Letter from Paper Mario.
Koopa Bros.' letter.
  • The third letter Mario obtains is from the Koopa Bros.
  • It is received immediately after the end of Chapter 1.

You rat, Mario!

How dare you embarrass us!
I'll never forget what you did!


Watch your back when you walk at night!


I'm gonna make you cry!


You'd better sleep with one eye open, pal!


We shall return!!

Koopa Bros.

Koopa Troopas[edit]

The Koopa Troopa's Letter from Paper Mario.
The Koopa Troopas' letter.
  • The fourth letter Mario obtains is from the Koopa Troopas living in Koopa Village.

Dear, Mario,

Thank you so much for taking care of our Fuzzy problem.
We, the Koopa Troopas in the village, really appreciate what you've done for us.
We must apologize for not rewarding you with anything. We are but simple Koopas...
Please drop by the village whenever you like. Anytime. It'd be our honor.
Best of luck from all of us!
Koopa Troopas at Koopa Village


Moustafa's Letter from Paper Mario.
Moustafa's letter.
  • The fifth letter Mario obtains is from Moustafa.

Hey, wanderer! I have heard many stories about your deeds. People speak very well of you.

It comforts me to know that Bowser's creatures no longer loot the ancient ruins.
Unfortunately, some relics are missing. This is a shame. I've heard that a Koopa was wandering around the ruins... That sounds very suspicious.
You should be careful if you meet any suspicious types. Anyway, I must go! I look forward to hearing great tales of your adventures.
Please drop by the village whenever you like. Anytime. It'd be our honor.



Kolorado's Letter from Paper Mario.
Kolorado's first letter.
  • The sixth letter Mario obtains is from Kolorado.

How are you, dear boy? I've just finished my exhausting research of the ruins found by my unwavering efforts.

Sadly, I did not find any treasures as valuable as I had hoped.
I will press on, though, old chap! There are treasures hidden all over the world!
I hear them calling my famous name, asking me to dig them up!


Goombaria's Letter from Paper Mario.
Goombaria's letter.
  • The seventh letter Mario obtains is from Goombario's little sister, Goombaria.

To Mario,

Are you and Goombario doing OK? I'm fine. Oh! This is Goombaria, by the way.
Are you having an exciting adventure? Is Goombario being a hero? Or is he just goofing off?
You know... I sometimes go shopping in Toad Town with Mom. Maybe we'll see you there. I'd really like to hear some of your exciting stories. I can't wait! Really!
You can beat up Bowser--I know it!♡


Tayce T.[edit]

Tayce T.'s Letter from Paper Mario.
Tayce T.'s letter.
  • The eighth letter Mario obtains is from the Toad Town cook, Tayce T.

Hi there, Mario. Are you eating regularly? You know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

The Cookbook you gave me really comes in handy.♡
I already knew a lot about recipes, but with this book, I can cook a world of new dishes!
I want to tell you about the latest dish I've been cooking. It's unique!
It takes a Fire Flower and an Egg to fix it. When I first made it, it blew me away!
It might help you on your adventures. Please come visit me with those ingredients!♡

Tayce T.


Kolorado's 2nd Letter from Paper Mario.
Kolorado's second letter.
  • The ninth letter Mario obtains is another from Kolorado.

How are you, old bean? Smashing, I trust. I'd just like to thank you for helping with that nasty volcano business.

Of course, I'm sure you're well aware of my own heroic role in the final fracas.
I've lately worried about my dear wife. How she must worry about me as I brave danger!
Perhaps it's time I returned home for a while. Feel free to stop by for a spot of tea!


Yoshi Kids[edit]

Yoshi Kids's Letter from Paper Mario.
Yoshi Kids' letter.
  • The tenth letter Mario obtains is from the kids of Yoshi's Village known as the Fearsome 5.

Dear Mario, The volcano stopped erupting! Please come back and visit!

The village leader wants to see you, too. Everyone does! And we want to play with you!
We bet you've been on all kinds of wild adventures! Remember to bring your stories!

The Yoshi Kids


Rowf's Letter from Paper Mario.
Rowf's letter.
  • The eleventh letter Mario obtains is from the Badge seller Rowf.

Hey, big guy! How're you doing? Rowf of the Badge Shop here.

Thanks a bunch for shopping at my place. You're a cool customer!
To show you my gratitude, I'll be waiting for you with all my stock 0% off!


Wise Wisterwood[edit]

Wise Wisterwood's Letter from Paper Mario.
Wise Wisterwood's letter.
  • The twelfth and final letter Mario obtains is from the Wise Wisterwood of Flower Fields.

Dear Mario, How are you holding up?

It's so sunny in Flower Fields. Peace has returned here.
Lily's in her own little world, as usual.
Rosie is spreading a rumor that you're interested in her.
I hear that Petunia is singing your praises across the land.
As you know, I can't move from this spot, but I'm content to watch the Bub-ulbs frolic.
Good luck to you, Mario.
All of Flower Fields is wishing to the Stars that your dreams will come true.

Wise Wisterwood


Red & Blue Goomba Bros.[edit]

  • The first letter Goombario receives is from the Red & Blue Goomba Bros., the Goomba King's servants.
  • It can be read as soon as the player reaches Toad Town.


You were a lot stronger then you looked. We figured you were just some punk Goomba hanging around with Mario.
Anyway, you proved yourself to us that being good is as important as being strong. So...
When you come back, do you think maybe we could be...friends?
Please say yes!
We'll be waiting!

Red & Blue Goomba Bros.


  • The second letter Goombario receives is from Goompa, his grandfather.

Dear Goombario,

How goes the adventure with Mario? Is it fun?
Are you being a brave Goomba?
Remember to relish your time out in the wide world.
Grow wise from your travels.
I wish to the Stars that your adventure will prove to be a fruitful one.
If you can, drop in on us old folks now and again.
Gooma misses you terribly
I'm looking forward to seeing you as a grown-up.



  • The third letter Goombario receives is from Gooma, his grandmother.

Dear Goombario,

How are you, my cute Goombario? We're all doing fine here.
I hope your Tattle ability has finally become useful.
Stop by whenever you get the chance. We all miss you.
Good luck, my little Goomnut!
I'll be thinking of you.



Kolorado's wife[edit]

  • The first letter Kooper receives is from Kolorado's wife.
  • It can be read after beating the Koopa Bros. in Koopa Bros. Fortress.

Kooper, how are you doing?

Your mother dropped by for a visit the other day.
We had a really nice talk over some Koopa Tea. She did seem a touch disappointed that you were still on the road.
She said that she's going to cook a delicious dinner when you come back, so you have something to look forward to.
Oh yes! If you happen to see my wayward husband, please tell him to come home more often.
Take care.

Kolorado's wife


  • The second letter Kooper receives is from Koover.

Dear Kooper,

How goes the adventure?
I can't believe you're hanging with Mario! I'm so jealous!
Koopa Village is the same.
Kolorado's wife is impatiently awaiting Kolorado's return.
You and Kolorado...You guys have so much excitement in your lives. You're so lucky!
Anyway, good luck, buddy!

Koover of Koopa Village

Kooper's Fan[edit]

  • The third letter Kooper receives is from a fan.

Dear Mr. Kooper,

I must apologize for sending a letter out of the blue.♡
But I had to! I saw you walking in Toad Town with Mario.
You seemed so strong and brave.
So dashing...♡
If it's OK, I'd really love to have a talk with you.
(Oh♡ How embarrassing♡)
I'll write to you again soon.
Good luck, brave Koopa!

Your Fan


Dry Dry Railroad[edit]

  • The first letter Bombette receives is from the Dry Dry Railroad Transportation Department.
  • It can be read after revealing the Dry Dry Ruins in Dry Dry Desert.

Dear Miss Bombette,

We write this letter as a humble request to you,
the most worthy and explosive
of all Bob-ombs.
It's still a long time off,
but later this year we will be staging an opening event for a new Dry Dry Railroad route
We feel the event would be a gala bash if we could enlist your bomb-bursting help.
Crowds love fireworks! Anyway, we'll get in touch with you
after your adventure ends to confirm the dates.

Dry Dry Railroad Transportation Department


  • The second letter Bombette receives is from Bruce.


I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.
I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.
I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.
Please understand how I feel!
I love you!

Your Bruce


  • The third letter Bombette receives is another love letter from Bruce.


You must return to me, oh fair and combustible Bob-omb!
My heart awaits you in Koopa Village. It burns like a fuse!
I will love you forever! Even if you reject me, my love will endure!
If I don't see you soon, I'll surely explode, so please hurry!
You've ignited my passion! Come back to me, my love!

Your Bruce


Frost T.[edit]

  • The first letter Parakarry receives is from Frost T..

Dear Parakarry,

Thank you for always delivering my mail, despite snow and ice.
Because I live in this cold valley so far from my family, the letters I receive are my greatest pleasure in life.
Kind words from my wife and daughter give me the strength to continue my work
My heart lifts with joy every time I hear the sound of your wings
May you never molt!

Your Fan, Frost T.


  • The second letter Parakarry receives is from Whacka.
  • It can be read after talking to Whacka with Parakarry. This one can be missed if Whacka leaves during chapter 2.

Whaack-oo! This is Whacka!

Mr. Parakarry, from my place in the shadows, I always see you flying above Mt. Rugged.
It looks like so much fun, flying on a sunny day! Tell me about it sometime.
My wish to the Stars is that you never fall from the sky!

Whacka of Mt. Rugged

Lady Bow[edit]


  • The first letter Bow receives is from Bootler.

To Lady Bow,

Please return as quickly as possible.
I cannot shake the image of you in some sort of danger.
It so worries me that I can no longer sleep.
When you went with Mario, you told me not to go with you...
But now I regret my obedience!
I should have gone anyway and protected you from harm!
Now all I can do is wish to the Stars with the other Boos that you return safely.
Please take care.


Boos in Gusty Gulch[edit]

  • The second letter Bow receives is from the Boos in Gusty Gulch.

Dear Lady Bow,

Thank you for rescuing us from that horrible Tubba Blubba up on Gusty Gulch.
We'd never dreamed we'd meet a Boo of your stature!
The sight of you alone would have been enough to keep us going, but you went ahead and defeated Tubba Blubba too!
We thought that our friends were done for when they were eaten, but they've all returned.
Many thanks! When you're done with your quest, we're throwing you a party. Please come!
Oh! And please say "Hi" to everyone at Boo's Mansion!

Boos in Gusty Gulch



  • The first letter Watt receives is from her mother.

Watt, thank the Stars that you're safe! I was so worried!

When you first disappeared, we were completely baffled.
Nobody would help us and we couldn't find a clue!
Then we went to Toad Town and heard about the Toy Box.
I was pretty sure you'd be OK in there for a while, but...
...I was still worried! Please give my deepest thanks to those who saved you! Come home soon!

Your Mother


  • The second letter Watt receives is from Fuzzipede.

Dear Watt,

Well, I'm still kickin'. I ain't gonna be bait no more.
I reckon I 'preciate the help of you and your buddies. This here letter'll be my thanks, so we're even, all righty?
Anyhoo, good luck doing what y'all do. And don't be botherin' me if we meet up agin.




  • The first letter Sushie receives is from Sashimie, her daughter.

Dear Mom,

First I heard you were lost in the jungle, then I heard you were traveling with Mario!
Don't do anything dangerous. Come back as quickly as you can. I'm waiting for you.
You're gonna be a grandCheep[sic]! I want you to see the small fry!

Your daughter, Sashimie

Raphael the Raven[edit]

  • The second letter Sushie receives is from Raphael the Raven.
  • It can be read after Mario travels back to Toad Town from Bowser's Castle.

Dear Sushie,

You followed Mario, didn't you? How are you doing? I never expected you'd go with him.
I want to hear about you, Mario and everything else, so why don't you come to see me when you finish traveling?
If you have a hard time climbing the tree, I'll come down for you.

Raphael the Raven

P.S. Is there anything you want to eat? I'll make anything.



  • The first letter Lakilester receives is from Lakilulu, his girlfriend.

Dear Lakilester,

Where are you? You'd better be a good Lakitu and return soon.
I'll be faithfully waiting for you near the Wise Wisterwood.
If you don't come back, I'll search for you 'til the end of time. I'll give you such a Spiny Storm you'll...
I'm sorry, love...
I get mad when I worry...♡

Your Lakilulu


  • The second letter Lakilester receives is from Flight, of Team Lakitu.

Dear Spike,

You turncoat!! You're hanging around with Mario! I'll never forgive you, you big traitor!
I heard that your real name is Lakilester, too! I never heard such a silly name! I'm gonna call you Lakilester from now on.
The only way you could earn my respect now would be to beat...
Lord Bowser! Yeah, right!
Do that and I'll forgive you!

Flight, of Team Lakitu

Normal Letters[edit]

Mario also finds letters along his journey. There are 25 letters: 12 are found throughout the world, with one of them part of a 14 letters chain that results in getting the Lucky Day Badge. Delivering each of the other 11 letters awards Mario a Star Piece.

Letter Location found Recipient Content
Area Instructions Name Location
Letter 1 Mt. Rugged Mario should toss Kooper across the gap in the area with the Save Block. Merlon Toad Town A letter from Merlee in Dry Dry Outpost
Letter 2 Mt. Rugged Upper left ledge after the slide. Kolorado Lavalava Island; Toad Town; Dry Dry Desert; Koopa Village A letter from Kolorado's wife
Letter 31 Mt. Rugged In the area with the broken bridge. Goompapa Goomba Village Start of a series of chain letters, first about fishing, then a shop order, a few invitations and family correspondence.
Letter 4 Dry Dry Desert Mario should hit the tree near Dry Dry Outpost. Mort T. Koopa Village A letter from the recipient's wife
Letter 5 Dry Dry Outpost On one of the rooftops near Moustafa's house. Nomadimouse Dry Dry Desert A letter from Moustafa
Letter 6 Dry Dry Desert Mario should hit the tree at Kolorado's excavation site after Kolorado removed his camp. Goompa Goomba Village A presumably gossipy letter from Koopa Koot
Letter 7 Gusty Gulch In front of a tree branch. Fice T. Toad Town A spooking letter from Bootler
Letter 8 Lavalava Island On top of a rock on the beach leading to Yoshi's Village. Igor Boo's Mansion An order list from Gusty Gulch
Letter 9 Jade Jungle Northeast island where the player meets Sushie. Russ T. Toad Town A letter from a curious kid on Lavalava Island
Letter 10 Flower Fields Northeast screen. Minh T. Toad Town A thank-you letter from Wise Wisterwood
Letter 11 Shiver Snowfield Mario should hit the big tree four times. Mayor Penguin Shiver City A letter from Yoshi's Village
Letter 12 Shiver Snowfield Behind icy rock just before the area where the player fights Monstar. Merlow Shooting Star Summit A letter from Merle in Starborn Valley

1 - The letter that starts the chain.

Lost letter locations[edit]

Chain Letters[edit]

Recipients' response[edit]

The following is a list of what the recipients say upon receiving the letters, which sometimes reveal the content of the letter.

  • Hm? Who's it from? Hmmmmm... Oh, my granddaughter, Merlee! She recently entered the family business. Umph... Is that so? Oh, I see. Interesting... She opened up her business at Dry Dry Outpost, deep in the desert. It's located somewhere quiet off the main drag. She seems to be keeping busy. That's good to hear. Thanks so much for bringing this letter. I'll give you this.
  • (Dry Dry Desert) Oh, good show! It's a letter from my wife. Thank you ever so, old chap. This is just what I needed to give me strength to go on. ...I know! I'll pass this along as a spot of thanks. I came across it while I was immersed in the dig around here.
  • (Toad Town dock) Oh, good show! It's a letter from my wife. Thank you ever so, old chap. This is just what I needed to give me strength for the trip. ...I know! I'll pass this along as my most sincere thanks. I came across it while I was researching my latest project in Dry Dry Desert.
  • (Yoshi's Village) Oh, good show! It's a letter from my wife. Thank you ever so, old chap. This is just what I needed to give me the strength to go on. ...I know! I'll pass this along as a spot of thanks. I came across it while I was wandering about the jungle researching things.
  • (Mt. Lavalava) A letter? For me? All the way out here on Lavalava Island? How very rare... Oh, good show! It's a letter from my wife. Thank you ever so, old chap. This is just what I needed to give me the strength to go on. ...I know! I'll pass this along as a spot of thanks. I came across it while I was wandering about the jungle researching things.
  • (Mt. Lavalava when hurt) Yeeow ow ow...! The treasures are waiting for me over there, I know it... Oh, a letter... Oh, good show! It's a letter from my wife. Thank you ever so, old chap. This is just what I needed to give me the strength to go on. ...I know! I'll pass this along as a spot of thanks. I came across it while I was wandering about the jungle researching things.
  • (Pleasant Path entrance) Good gracious! A letter from the missus! But when did she send this? Well, in any event, cheers for delivering it. Take this, old boy. I came upon it during my incredibly important research on Lavalava Island.
  • (Koopa Village) Oh! Good heavens! A letter from the wife! I say... ...when did she write this? Well, in any event, cheers to you for bringing it with such speed, eh? You simply must take this. Go on, then! I found it on scenic Lavalava Island.
Goompapa (start of letter chain)
  • Hey, thanks. Much obliged, Mr. Postal Worker! ...Oh, great news! Fishing is one of my hobbies, and this is from a friend who's planning a fishing trip. I can't wait... ...Oh... Sorry to pile work on you, but could I give you a letter? If it's at all possible for you, could you deliver this to a Toad named Muss T.? He hangs around the castle garden. I'd really appreciate it.
Muss T.
  • Oh, it's from Mr. Goompapa. That old codger! We think alike, he and I. It's been ages since I saw him. Too long, indeed! This reminds me... I was just thinking about sending a letter to one of my other friends. Your timing is perfect. This letter is to my friend. His name is Koover, and he lives in Koopa Village. I'd like you to deliver this to him. I'll bet he's near the entrance to the village. He usually hangs out in front of the Toad House that's right on the edge of town. No big rush, but it would be nice if he got it soon.
Koover (1)
  • Hey, thanks! You came at a good time. I was just about to send a letter myself. Oh, would you look at this! It's a letter from Muss T.! The two of us are always thinking along the same lines. He's one of my fishing pals. I'll tell you, if you don't fish, you should! What a hobby! And to think, I was just about to send letters to all my fishing buddies about a trip! Once we have a good place set up, I'll write a letter back to Muss T. So... ...could you send this along for me? Thanks so much. It's to a friend of mine who's always fishing at the Toad Town port. He's easy to find. Thanks again!
  • Hm? What's this, then? Shiver me timbers! Word from Koover! Muss T. said he wrote a letter, too. Everyone's got the fishin' bug! Time fer a fishin' trip! Ye should come along, Mario. Yar, that reminds me... I got a favor ter ask. Could yer deliver this to 'im? 'im? Why, the Koopa Troopa who asked you ter bring this letter to me! Koover's the name. Yar, and take good care, fer the luvva fishes!
Koover (2)
  • Oh, thanks! Cool! It's from my pal! This must be the answer to my last letter. Thanks for the speedy delivery. Now I can send letters to the whole gang. It'll be great meeting up with all the guys and fishing up a storm. I've already written one. Here, can you take it? It's to Mr. E, who lives in the desert. He'll most likely be hanging out in front of the Toad House. He wears a blue turban. You'll probably notice him right off the bat. Thanks for everything!
Mr. E
  • Gee, thanks! Oh, looks like an order from Koopa Village. My job is delivering things from Dry Dry Outpost. This guy's a great customer. He's always ordering stuff. Hey, by the way. Would you do me a favor and deliver this letter the next time you're in Toad Town? It's to Miss T. She lives there. She's one of three amazingly beautiful sisters. She's normally chatting with her sisters in front of the Dojo. Thanks a lot!
Miss T.
  • Who is this from? I don't think I recognize the return address. Oh, well. I'm always getting love letters from strangers. I'm super popular. But enough about me. It's so lucky you came just now, Mr. Postman! Will you do me a favor? I want you to deliver this letter to the shop owner at Dry Dry Outpost.♡ I order lots of things from the desert. They have so much good stuff! It's not easy staying this beautiful. It takes work! Will you please deliver this? Thanks!
Little Mouser
  • Oh, thanks. Yeah, this is an order sheet from one of my regulars. Good deal. She's one of my best customers. She orders things all the time. If health and beauty are what you're after, you can't beat desert Lemons and Limes. You can find them in the oasis. Oh, if you make a juice with those things... Mmmm mmm! Oh, hang on. Almost forgot. Can you do me a favor? Please deliver this letter to a Boo called Franky. Franky lives in a mansion way out on the far edge of Forever Forest. It may be tough to find him. Thanks.
  • Oh, thank you! ... Oh, great, it's finally in! This is from a guy I know who deals in useful items from all over the world. He has a great eye for items. He just got something in that I've wanted for a long time. Oh, it's the coolest thing! Oh, wow, I almost forgot! Could you deliver this for me? Sorry if it's a bother... There's a Toad child in Toad Town named Dane T. Please deliver it to him. He always seems to be playing by the station with his pals. He must like trains. Thanks a Boo!
Dane T. (1)
  • Thanks, Mister! Wow! I mean, wow! It's an invitation to the haunted mansion! I didn't think it would really come... All the kids in Toad Town have been talking about this invitation, wondering if it was for real. But... now that it's come, I guess I have to go... Mini T., are you brave enough to go with me? Mini T.: Uhhhh... You know, I'm really kind of busy and... Oh! Yeah! I just had the greatest idea! Let's ask that Yoshi Kid from Yoshi's Village to come. You just got a letter from that kid last week, didn't you? You know! That letter you got from the island? Let's send a letter back to him and tell him about the scary adventure we're gonna have. Hey! Mr. Postman! Take this letter to the red Yoshi Kid in Yoshi's Village!
Red Yoshi Kid
  • Thanks. I wonder what it is. Oh, my pal made up a new game! I've gotta play this later! He also wants me to come over to his town and play with him sometime. But how can I get there? ...Oh well. Maybe someday I'll be able to cross the sea and hang out. It's really funny, 'cause I was just writing him a letter about a game I made up! Mr. Parakarry, will you help? Here. Deliver my letter to the Toad Kid who asked you to send this one to me. Could you? Thanks!!
Dane T. (2)
  • Wow! Thanks a lot! You're much faster than the old postman, that's for sure. That Yoshi Kid is a really good pen pal, huh? He writes really long letters. It sounds like there's always something fun going on over where he is. Lucky Yoshi... We should write back again. Hmmmm... What do you think we ought to write about? Mini T.: Hmmmm... I don't know. Let's think about it later. By the way, I wanna ask you for a favor, Mr. Parakarry. Can you deliver this? It's a letter for Uncle Frost T. of Starborn Valley. He's my uncle. He's up there taking care of lots of Star Kids. It sounds like a hard job. He has to chase 'em around all the time. At least that's what he says in the letters he sends. Anyway, I wrote him a letter to take his mind off work. I know it's far from here, but I'd really appreciate it.
Frost T.
  • Oh, thank you. Ah! How nice! It's a letter from little Dane T. and Mini T. Those naughty little rascals... When I visited their home, they were always up to something. They do write me letters often. It's nice to get letters... Their mail makes me as happy as mail from my wife and daughter. Oh yes, I almost forgot! I need a letter delivered. I'd like you to take this letter to Goompapa in Goomba Village. It's actually a reply to little Goombaria, but I think her dad could explain it to her better. Drop it off whenever you have a chance, all right? Thank you so much.
Goompapa (end of letter chain)
  • Thank you, sir. What would we do without postal service? Oh, how interesting... A letter for Goombaria. I guess I could open it... I remember she wrote a letter just the other day and I was wondering what it was. I see. I guess it was a question. And this seems like the answer. It looks pretty complicated... but I think I understand. I'll tell her all about it. Thanks so much for the prompt delivery. Here, take this!
Mort T.
  • A letter? For me? Oh, it's from my wife! How sweet! I love her so... .......... Phew... Oh, pardon me. I got really wrapped up there. That wife of mine! She's so cute! She makes me crazy! Thanks for bringing me joy! Here, take this, OK?
  • A letter to me? From Moustafa? I've heard the name, but... I can't remember who he is. Anyway, thank you for delivering it. I'm surprised that you found me way out here. It's extremely hot traveling in the desert, so take care. Oh yeah! Take this as my thanks! Don't hesitate. Please take it.
  • Now what could this be...? Koopa Koot...? Eh...I have a bad feeling about this, so I'll read it later. It's probably the old Koot's usual backstabbing gossip. He really needs to get out more. What's the point of sending all of these gossipy letters? Huh? I know you're pretty busy, so thanks for delivering this. Why don't you take this as a token of my thanks?
Fice T.
  • I wonder who "Bootler" is. ... Ugh... Oh, no... No--------!! This is from that ghost! It says, "I'll creep up on you while you're sleeping... Boo!" He loves scaring me! You think...he'll really...? Creeping...darkness... Oh, woe is me! I'll never sleep... Get a hold of yourself, Fice T.! Stand tall! Fear not! I'll be OK. Here, take this.
  • A letter? Oh, right, an order list. Weird. This order's from ...Gusty Gulch. That's right around the corner! Can't they just come here? Oh, well. My motto is, "From Boo to you with a smile." Take this for your trouble.
Russ T.
  • Now what could this be about... Hm! How exceedingly strange. It's from Lavalava Island. ...Yes, yes. It's a question from a curious kid there. My mind is quite in demand. Thank you, Parakarry. I thank you for your quick delivery. I don't usually accept questions, but oh, well... It's from a kid, and we must educate the younger generation. When I was a child, I had a curious mind as well. Still do! I'll get right on the answer. Thanks again for bringing this letter such a long way. Please take this as thanks.
Minh T.
  • To me? Who's it from? The Wise Wisterwood? Who's Wise Wisterwood...? "Thank you for making the flowers bloom so beautifully"? ...Oh! It's a thank-you note!♡ It says, "Please drop by Flower Fields sometime." Wow! How delightful!♡ But how does Wise Wisterwood know about me...??? Oh, excuse me. I'm rambling. This is a small gift to say thank you for delivering the letter. Please take it!♡
Mayor Penguin
  • For me? Oh... It's from Yoshi Village! I don't know where that is, but I bet it's pretty far away. I'll read this later. Thanks very much! Oh, hang on! I'll give you this.
  • A letter for me? From Merle in Starborn Valley? Wow! News from my dad! Thanks, Mr. Postman! My dad writes all the time because he worries about me. My sisters and I are totally bad about writing back, though. Maybe I oughta write him a little more often, huh? This is a treasure that I've kept for a long time. I'm gonna give it to you as thanks. You could always come back and swap me something for it...