Toad Town Dojo

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Toad Town Dojo
Mario and Bombette visiting the Toad Town Dojo

The Toad Town Dojo is a part of Toad Town featured only in Paper Mario. Here, Mario and the gang can practice their fighting skills against Chan (a Buzzy Beetle), Lee (a Duplighost), and The Master himself, a Toad martial artist. Each battle earns a harder challenge and recognition. In fact, this is the same as battling Jinx (and Jagger) in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

This is where Mario can earn the First, Second, Third and Fourth-Degree Cards as well as the Diploma. Despite the fact that Mario can face powerful optional bosses here, no reward (or even Star Points) is given other than the aforementioned cards and diploma, as the battles are just a challenge.

Known participants[edit]

During his adventure, Mario can meet three participants of the Dojo who each earned a degree:

  1. A Toad with yellow-green spots in Toad Town, just outside the Dojo, has a First-Degree Card.
  2. A Dryite with an orange tagelmust in Dry Dry Outpost has a Second-Degree Card.
  3. A penguin in Shiver City, near the warp pipe, has a Third-Degree Card.

Each participant will give different remarks depending on Mario's ranking and will be amazed if Mario has a Diploma.

Participant Quote when Mario has: Goombario from Paper Mario.
Goombario's Tattle
No Degree First-DegreeCard PM.png First-Degree Card Second-DegreeCard PM.png Second-Degree Card Third-DegreeCard PM.png Third-Degree Card Fourth-DegreeCard PM.png Fourth-Degree Card Diploma.png Diploma
Yellow Toad from Paper Mario
A Toad in Toad Town, just outside the Dojo
"Oh? ...Ha ha ha! You don't have it? The Degree, Mario. The Degree shows how strong you are. Ha ha ha... I have it. I fought at the Dojo over there and got it from The Master. I am one bad Toad!!" "Hey, that's... a First-Degree Card! I have one, too. See? A First-Degree Card!! That means I'm as strong as you! Cool! I'm bad! Yeah!!" "Hey, that's... a Second-Degree Card? Whoa! Cool! You fought your way to a Second-Degree Card? Mario, you're awesome!!" "Hey, that's... a Third-Degree Card? Whoa! Wow! Whoop! I knew you were strong!!" "Hey, that's... a Fourth-Degree Card! Whoa! Amazing! You rule, Mario! You must be crazy strong!!" "Whoa! Can it be? That's... a Diploma??? Whooooopeee! It's real, isn't it? You defeated The Master! Wow! You're the best, Mario!" "This Toad has tried his skills at the Dojo. That takes guts... Someday I'm gonna try it all by myself."
Orange-turban Dryite
A Dryite in Dry Dry Outpost
"Are you aware that there's a Dojo in Toad Town? There is! A while ago I took one of the Dojo challenges and did pretty well, I must say. I got a Second-Degree Card. You look pretty strong, so... Huh? You haven't earned any Cards?!" "Sayyyyy... Is that... ...a First-Degree Card? Hee hee! It just so happens, that I have in my possession a Second-Degree Card! Know what that means? I'm stronger than Mario! Yeah!!" "Sayyyyy... Is that... ...a Second-Degree Card? Hey, I have Second-Degree Card, too! Oh, awesome! I can't believe that I'm as strong as you are, Mario!!" "Sayyyyy... Is that... ...a Third-Degree Card? Whooa! That's great! Seriously, that's great, Mario. You must be a powerhouse!!" "Sayyyyy... Is that... ...a Fourth-Degree Card? Whooa! I wouldn't want to tangle with you, Mario!!" "Sayyyyy... Is that... ...a Diploma...!? Whoa! WHOOOAAA! You defeated The Master!! That's unbelievable, Mario! Great! Seriously great! I mean, really great!!!" "He's a Dryite. I've seen him in Toad Town. He earned himself a Degree at the Toad Town Dojo."
Paper Bumpty.png
A penguin in Shiver City, near the warp pipe
"Mariooooo!!! Did you know that there's a Dojo in Toad Town? I go there all the time. I finally got my Third-Degree Card the other day. I'm sure you have a much higher ranking than I do, though. What? You don't have anything?!" "Hey... You have... ...a First-Degree Card! Heh heh heh. A beginner, huh? I've got a Third-Degree Card. Looks like I'm stronger than you!" "Hey... You have... ...a Second-Degree Card! Heh heh heh. It's a start. I've got a Third-Degree Card. I must be tougher than you!" "Hey... You have... ...a Third-Degree Card! I've got a Third-Degree Card, too!! Cool! We have the same ranking! We're equals!!" "Hey... You have... ...a Fourth-Degree Card! Wow, you're strong! I wish I were that strong... I'd better train harder!!" "Hey... You have... ...a Diploma... Wooow! I mean, woooooow! You beat The Master!! How'd you manage that? You're the strongest guy ever!!" "This penguin's been to the Dojo in Toad Town. He likes to show off his certificate and compare it to ones other people get at the Dojo."

Another known participant of the Dojo is Little T., who only appears in a photo on a letter he writes to Mario.

Names in other languages[edit]

Bowser's CastlePeach's CastleStar HavenStar WayShiver CityShiver SnowfieldStarborn ValleyShiver MountainCrystal PalaceGoomba VillageGoomba King's FortressMario's HouseShy Guy's Toy BoxClub 64Toad Town DojoShooting Star SummitKoopa VillageKoopa Bros. FortressWindy MillTubba Blubba's CastlePleasant PathDry Dry RailroadToad TownGoomba RoadFlower FieldsBoo's MansionForever ForestDry Dry OutpostDry Dry DesertMt. RuggedGusty GulchYoshi's VillageMt. LavalavaJade JungleLavalava Island
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Language Name Meaning
Japanese 道場
Chinese (Simplified) 武馆[1]


  • The Japanese characters on the Dojo's billboard read "Way of the old man", 爺道, written in shodō style and with the writing orientation inverted (from right to left), in reference to the Master and the antiquity of its dojo.
  • The music that plays here is called "The Dojo", which may also be heard coming through the floor if Mario stands on the far right of the Shroom Grocery's interior.
  • If Mario's HP drops to zero during any one of the fights, instead of a Game Over, the screen goes back to the Dojo with Mario only having 1 HP.