Trumpet Plant

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Trumpet Plant.png
A Trumpet Plant in Jade Jungle
A Trumpet Plant as seen in Paper Mario

A Trumpet Plant is a type of plant that is found during the events of Paper Mario. They appear as a tulip, with a dark scarlet bulb color with a tad bit of yellow at the base of the bulb.

These plants are only grown and found in Lavalava Island. Mario encounters these kind of plants after the five Baby Yoshis attempt to play Hide 'n' Seek into the deep jungle during the events of Chapter 5. When Mario attempts to examine or whack one of them with his Hammer, the plant will blow out star dust. The plant will sometimes shoot out some Coins, but other than that, they mainly serve as scenery in the area.


  • It's a Trumpet Plant. It grows only on Lavalava Island and blows star dust from inside its flowers. Sometimes it'll blow out other things, too, so be ready.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラッパ草[1]
Rappa Gusa
Trumpet Plant


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