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Paper Mario enemy
Battle idle animation of the Fuzzipede from Paper Mario
Location(s) Toad Town (Whale)
Max HP 20
Attack 3
Defense 0
Moves Headbonk (3), Headbutt (3, Command Loss), Heal (4 HP; HP ≤ 7)
Type Elevated, Ground or Ceiling
Items N/A
Coins N/A
Misc. stats
Level 43
Run N/A
Strong None
Weak None
Sleep? 50%, -1
Dizzy? 50%, -1
Shock? 75%, 0
Shrink? 50%, 0
Stop? 75%, -2
Fright? 0%
Air Lift? 0%
Hurricane? 0%


“Hey, fella! You wanna piece o' this? You got it! I'm ornery as all get out! Prepare for some pain!”
Fuzzipede, Paper Mario

The Fuzzipede is a character who only appears in Paper Mario. The Fuzzipede is a Fuzzy-like caterpillar that is seen in front of the Toad Town docks as Fishmael attempts to use him as bait. He speaks with a Southern American accent. Though based on a caterpillar, his name is a portmanteau of "fuzzy" and "centipede"/"millipede."


After Mario defeats General Guy and his Shy Guys in Shy Guy's Toy Box during the events at the end of Chapter 4, Mario comes back to Toad Town as usual and decides to go to the docks to get to Lavalava Island to get the fifth Star Spirit, Misstar. When Mario sees a whale having a bellyache, the whale begs Mario to check his belly. After that, the whale opens up his mouth and Mario makes his way into his belly. Inside, Mario sends Watt out to light up the darkness, and the Fuzzipede is revealed hanging from the ceiling. The Fuzzipede starts to jump around the whale's belly, but Mario engaged him in battle.

During the fight, only Watt can be used as it is too dark in the whale's belly to attack when using any of Mario's other partners. This means that he cannot be tattled by Goombario during the battle, although he can be field tattled at other points in time. In battle, the Fuzzipede is capable of disabling Mario's hammer and jump attacks. As a ceiling enemy, he can only be hurt with quake moves or flying tackles such as Watt's standard attack.

After Mario defeats the Fuzzipede, he explains that he was eaten by the whale while trying to escape his captor, Fishmael. By then, the whale says that he is actually feeling good now that the Fuzzipede is off his stomach wall. Then water starts to fill up his belly, popping Mario, his partners and the Fuzzipede out through his blow-hole. The Fuzzipede forgives the whale after getting out of his belly and then leaves Toad Town. If Mario returns to the docks, the Fuzzipede is seen on the pile of boxes at the west side of the docks and Mario is able to talk to him.

Later in the game, he writes to Watt a letter, which the player can read at the Toad Town Post Office. In the letter, he thanks Watt and her buddies (Mario and his other partners) for saving him from the whale's belly, and says that he does not want to be bothered anymore.

Field Tattle[edit]

  • "He's a Fuzzipede. What a weird little creature! People use Fuzzipedes as fish bait, but they often manage to cut the line. He's pretty robust for such a little guy."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ケムシ
Chinese 毛虫
French Fuzzipède
German Fuzzipede -
Spanish Fuzzypodo -