Gusty Gulch

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Gusty Gulch
Gusty Gulch.png
Mario and Lady Bow in Gusty Gulch
Greater location Mushroom Kingdom, beyond Forever Forest
Inhabitants Boos, notably Stanley and Herbert
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)

Gusty Gulch is a small wasteland where peasant Boos and "hyper" versions of other creatures live in Paper Mario. It is located in the east of Forever Forest and can be reached by passing the back gate of Boo's Mansion. The area consists of three parts: the Windy Mill at the base of the gulch, a village where the peasant Boos live, and some cliffs in the east. Tubba Blubba's Castle can be found at the end of the cliff area.

The Boos suffer attack from Tubba Blubba until his defeat. When Mario first visits the village, Tubba Blubba comes along and eats one named Stanley. Later in the chapter, Mario defeats Tubba Blubba in the Windy Mill area, therefore freeing the Boos. It is revealed that the Boos actually live in the abandoned village, and that they did not build the town.

Gusty Gulch is similar to Twilight Trail in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, containing a dry landscape, dead trees, and Hyper Clefts.

Tubba Blubba eating a Boo in the Gusty Gulch village.

In Chapter 3, Mario and Lady Bow head for Tubba Blubba's Castle to defeat Tubba Blubba and help the Boos, for which Lady Bow promises to give him Skolar as a reward. When they pass the village, they learned that Tubba Blubba has come there the day before and eaten Herbert. Not short after that, Tubba Blubba himself arrives to eat the Boos. The Boos hide, and so do the two with Lady Bow's Outta Sight ability. However, Stanley is late and is caught and eaten by Tubba Blubba.

Later in the chapter, Mario and Lady Bow are caught stealing the Yakkey in Tubba Blubba's Castle. Six Boos from the Gusty Gulch village come to help Bow and, after the two come out, block the door to stop Tubba Blubba from going out. The two run away, passing the village and opening the Windy Mill at the base of the gulch with Yakkey. They find that Tubba Blubba's secret is his heart hiding deep down the mill. After the heart is defeated, it jumps out of the mill and reunites with Tubba Blubba who has chased down. This makes Tubba Blubba no longer invincible and easily beaten.

After Tubba Blubba is defeated, the Boos he has eaten are released from his body and return to Gusty Gulch, Stanley and Herbert included. The Boos at Gusty Gulch will write Lady Bow an admiration letter, which the player can read at the Toad Town Post Office. The letter thanks her for her effort, saying that they are throwing a party and Bow is invited to it after she is done with her quest.

At the end of the game, two Boos come to the party at Peach's Castle, one from Boo's Mansion and one from Gusty Gulch. The latter mentions that the Boos are going to have a wedding ceremony at Gusty Gulch.

There is a Save Block and a Heart Block in the village, as well as a hidden (but not invisible) block in the easternmost house in the first scene containing one coin. One of Koopa Koot's favors involves retrieving a Package from a Boo in the Gusty Gulch village. In the cliff area east of the village, there is a Letter by a branch on the ground which can be delivered to Igor in Boo's Mansion. When he receives it, he mentions that it is an order from Gusty Gulch.

Characters found[edit]

A lot of Boos can be found in the area to the east of the Windy Mill, although some of them float in the sky or are usually hidden. Mario can talk to four of them in the west scene and three of them in the east scene. In addition, Stanley in the east scene instructs Lady Bow to use Outta Sight to hide Mario during Tubba Blubba's invasion, shortly after which he is eaten. After Chapter 3, Herbert and another Boo will appear in the east scene, but it isn't clear whether the latter is Stanley or not. The following table numbers the Boos from west to east.

List of the Boos Mario can talk to
Character Quotes Goombario from Paper Mario.
Goombario's Tattle
Herbert. The sprite is also shared with other Boos in Gusty Gulch
Boo #1
  • "Oh! Lady Bow! What a surprise, seeing you! You know, Your Ladyship, you really shouldn't come around here. It's dangerous. Tubba Blubba could come here at any time!"
  • "Why, just yesterday, Lady. It was horrible... He...ugh... This time, he...ate Herbert. Oh, it was gruesome! Poor Herbert! He was so dark and depressing! What a terrific Boo!"
  • "Oh! Lady! Your bravery is inspiring! But you know he's called the Invincible Tubba Blubba... Please be careful, OK?"
  • "When you come across Tubba Blubba, don't fight! He's invincible! Although somebody who claims to have no weaknesses must have at least one. If you could find it somehow..."
  • "Windy Mill? It's just over there."
  • "What! You're kidding! You defeated Tubba Blubba!? Oh, what a great day for Boos! I knew you'd do it, Lady Bow! Finally, we can exist safely. We owe you a great debt. ...Oh, and I guess you folks helped the lady a little bit. Good work, too."*
  • "I heard from one of the Boos eaten by Tubba Blubba that his belly was literally packed full of ghosts for a while. He never felt full, though. Of course not. We're ghosts!"
  • "Hi, Mario. You're looking good, as usual. You'd need to be paler if you want to be a proper ghost. Take my face, for example. It takes a lot of work, but look how pale I am! Whuh...? You've seen paler? Really...?"
  • "He's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. He's in love with Bow. If he can occasionally see Bow, his life is complete."
Herbert. The sprite is also shared with other Boos in Gusty Gulch
Boo #2. This Boo near the Save Block is involved in one of Koopa Koot's favors which involves retrieving the Package.
  • "Psst! Buddy! Did you know you can walk slowly and stealthily by moving the Control Stick a little bit? You can use this technique to walk quietly and avoid waking sleeping people."
  • "Tubba Blubba is coming!? Oh no! Quick, hide! Aaagh!"
  • "That naughty Boo that Tubba Blubba ate came back! It was so lonely around here without him... It really made me realize the importance of friends."*
  • "That naughty Boo that Tubba Blubba ate came back! He was always a troublemaker, but it was weird with him gone. But now, everything's back to normal again... Thanks for saving him!"
  • "Has my naughty friend played any spooky tricks on you yet? It'd be a shame if you came all the way out to Gusty Gulch and didn't get messed with..."
  • "Oh, hello. You're running an errand for old Koopa Koot, are you? ...Uh-oh... Now where did I...? I wasn't really ready for this... Where'd I leave that thing? I'd better go look for it. Um... Do you think you can wait for just a second? I should find it soon enough, so why don't you kill some time by wandering around here?"
  • "Can you wait a little while longer? I'm still looking..."
  • "Thank you for waiting!♡ I finally found it. I can't believe it took me so long to track it down! Anyway, please give my regards to Koopa Koot, OK? And take care!"
  • "That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. Have you ever looked closely at Boos? I think they have really charming faces. Just like other creatures, there are some that are cute and some that just aren't. Which is which, though...?"
Herbert. The sprite is also shared with other Boos in Gusty Gulch
Boo #3
  • "You've gotta watch out when you fight Hyper Goombas. They charge up their attack power and then unleash it. The best thing to do when they get charged up is to get Outta Sight with Lady Bow!"
  • "You what!? You discovered Tubba Blubba's secret? And now he's chasing you!? Oh no... Oh... I've gotta hide somewhere!"
  • "Now that Tubba Blubba has stopped eating everyone, the forest is peaceful again. Now we can return to our days of scaring everyone who enters the forest and playing delightful pranks! Pardon me? No pranks? ... I'm not promising anything."*
  • "Oh. Mario, how's Lady Bow doing? She's a fine, upstanding Boo and is very delicate, so you be sure to take care of her." [A hidden Boo: Excuse me, Mario? Bleeeahhhhh!!!] "Oooh! Excellent! What technique! What perfect delivery! There's always something new I can learn from that guy. What a Boo master! I've got to work on my scaring skills, too!"
  • "Hey, Mario, have you saved all of the Star Spirits yet? I wonder why I care... I don't even know if Star Spirits listen to the wishes of ghosts. I sure hope they do..." [A hidden Boo: Pardon me, Mario? Broooaargh!!!] "Oh yeah! Another score! Boy, nobody scares people like that Boo! Wow! Such a flawless appearance! It takes my breath away. ... Actually, if we're splitting hairs, I'm a ghost so I don't actually breathe."
  • "That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. You know, Boos can't be attacked if they're invisible. Isn't that convenient? Whenever trouble appears, they can just disappear until the coast is clear again. I guess they're only in danger if they're taken by surprise."
Herbert. The sprite is also shared with other Boos in Gusty Gulch
Boo #4
  • "I had a friend who escaped from Tubba Blubba's Castle the other day, and he said... 'The key to solving the secret is inside the innermost room. Pay attention to both the heart and body, and don't...' Then, just as he was finishing, Tubba Blubba ate him. I wonder what the rest of his message was..."
  • "What? Whaaaaat? Tubba Blubba's behind you? Noooo! I don't wanna be eaten!"
  • "Peace has finally returned to our hill. Tubba Blubba's not going to eat anybody anymore."*
  • "My friend came back! I couldn't be happier! Now it's time to get back to scaring people senseless. I can't wait..."
  • "Now then... What to do, what to do? Who should I scare? I want to hear people shriek and watch them run away yelling! That's what makes Boos happy. So, if you could, when a Boo scares you, try to be as terrified as possible, OK?"
  • "That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. This land is totally barren. I wonder what Boos find to eat around these parts. Oh yeah. They're ghosts. I guess maybe they don't need to eat anything."
Herbert. The sprite is also shared with other Boos in Gusty Gulch
Boo #5
  • "Oh. Hello. Boo, I guess. Poor effort. Sorry. I had a weird dream last night... This dream voice said... 'Sometimes you must turn and run away. You must run and run until you reach the tower with the spinning vanes.' Something like that, anyway. What could it mean?"
  • "Stanleeeeeeeey!!! He ate Stanley! I can't believe I just saw Stanley get eaten! Oh, I'm gonna be sick... Oh, cruel destiny!"
  • "Huh? Some Boos just went to help you. What happened to them?"
  • "All my friends who got eaten by Tubba Blubba are back! They've been telling me all these crazy stories about being inside Tubba Blubba's stomach... What it was like to go rolling down the throat into the belly... Talk about a wild ride! And talk about disgusting!"*
  • "Tubba Blubba ate up my dear, lovely Victoria...but now she's come back safely! Victoria... So coy... She's never even given me the time of day..."
  • "Oh...sweet Victoria... Please give me a sign! You're the object of my fondest nightmares!"
  • "That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. Consider this: Is this place lonely because Boos make their home here, or do Boos live here because this place is lonely? .... That riddle's gonna keep me up all night."
Herbert. The sprite is also shared with other Boos in Gusty Gulch
Boo #6
  • "My friend escaped from Tubba Blubba's Castle. He claims that Tubba Blubba hides something incredibly important right next to his bed. I wonder what it could be."
  • "Tubba Blubba sometimes travels down to the foot of the hill. I'm sure he's doing something secretive down there, but... ...what could it be?"
  • "Buhh... Uhhh... Tubbba Bbblubbaa...ate..."
  • "Buh? Whuh? What? Tubba Blubba's coming?"
  • "I swear, when I first saw my friends who had been eaten by Tubba Blubba return... I was totally shocked. I felt like I was seeing ghosts. I'm just glad that everyone's safe and sound again."*
  • "Boos are saying that Tubba Blubba took off. Phew! This area will once again be a ghost paradise. Not only that... Tubba Blubba returned all the ghosts he'd eaten! And here we thought they were gone for good."
  • "Everyone is so crazy about the lovely Victoria. But the way I hear it, she's already got somebody specific in mind. Sigh... Love is so painful. Not all wishes can be granted, I suppose. How sad..."
  • "That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. Boos live in this wasted land and scare people. They also take scare-trips to Forever Forest for fun. It must be fun having nothing to do except scare people."
Herbert. The sprite is also shared with other Boos in Gusty Gulch
Stanley. He instructs the Boos to hide during Tubba Blubba's invasion, shortly after which he is eaten by Tubba Blubba.
  • "Hello there! You're going up to beat Tubba Blubba, right? Yeah! Get revenge! He'll never eat another ghost! Never! Especially not..."
  • "Oh... Oh no! Tubba Blubba's coming! Everybody, hide!! Lady Bow! You have to hide Mario!"
  • "Everything's cool, Lady! He can't see you! Nope, there's no way Tubba Blubba can see you right now!"
  • "Er..." (before being grabbed by Tubba Blubba)
Herbert. The sprite is also shared with other Boos in Gusty Gulch
Boo #7
  • "You know, Tubba Blubba lived in that castle for a while and was perfectly nice. It was a great place for ghosts, too. So dim and dark... But then one day he turned invincible and started acting crazy. He started eating all the Boos in the castle! It was insane! We had no choice but to flee or be eaten..."
  • "Oh!! Stanley!! Oh, the horror of it all..."
  • "Stanley! No! Ah... Why you, too?"
  • "Windy Mill? Just keep heading down along the gulch. You'll see it before you reach the Boo mansion."
  • "Until yesterday, it was just a dream to have all the Boos living together happily. But it's not a dream now, is it! Thanks to Lady Bow!"*
  • "I'm really happy that all the ghosts are back, but... with so many of us around, people might get used to us and not get scared anymore. That would be a tragedy, huh? Maybe we'd better find a quiet place with fewer ghosts so we're not so conspicuous."
  • "It seems like fewer and fewer people are getting lost and coming around here recently. I haven't even tried my new way of terrifying people yet. I've been practicing for ages. Maybe I should start wishing to the Stars for people to lose their way more often. Then we'll be in business."
  • "That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. Don't you think Boos have expressive faces? They must do special face exercises to be able to stretch them so much. Pulling a face muscle would hurt."
Herbert. The sprite is also shared with other Boos in Gusty Gulch
Boo #8, appears after Chapter 3 is cleared.
  • "I never thought I'd be back in dear old Gusty Gulch again. I swear, when Tubba Blubba ate me, I thought that was the end for this Boo. But now it looks like everything might work out. And now I've got a great story to tell youngsters."
  • "My dear Victoria has also come back safe and sound. I was desperate when she was first eaten by Tubba Blubba, that's for sure. Now I'm by her side again... What? You can't see her? Ha ha ha... Of course not! She's a ghost, Mario! I finally made up my mind. I'm going to confess my feelings for the lovely Victoria. But how to tell her... First, I figured I'd express my feelings by giving her a present like, you know... 'Here's a Fire Flower to show how hot the flame of my passion burns.' or... 'Are you shocked to know of my love? Here's a Volt Shroom.' or... ... Gaaah!! I can't decide! Which line do you think would work better?"
  • "Victoria loves me back! We're going to get married when Lady Bow returns here! So...hurry up and come back as soon as possible, OK? Seriously! Soon!"
  • "That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. It's hard to tell if they're male or female, isn't it? They should all wear bows like Bow does. That'd make it easier."
Herbert. The sprite is also shared with other Boos in Gusty Gulch
Herbert, appears after Chapter 3 is cleared.
  • "Since Tubba Blubba left, this hill seems so quiet. It's almost like a... ghost town or something. Chilling and desolate... Heh heh...♡"
  • "I'm a ghost named Herbert. Isn't that a great name? My grandmother named me. My ancestors lived in that castle for many generations. They were great ghosts. I wanna be that great. I wanna be so scary that no one will ever forget me."
  • "That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. You know, I think it's possible for a ghost to be cute and scary at the same time. It all depends on the person they're scaring. What's cute to one may be horrifying to another. This Boo doesn't look that scary. He looks too nice."
* After Mario defeats Tubba Blubba but before he touches the card imprisoning Skolar (i.e. before Chapter 3 is cleared).

Enemies found[edit]

For enemy formations in Gusty Gulch, see here.

Items found[edit]

Item Icon Location
Star Piece A Star Piece, from Paper Mario. Under a hidden panel near the back gate of Boo's Mansion
Obscured behind a rock and between another rock and a tree near the end of the scene before the entrance to Tubba Blubba's Castle.
Package Sprite of Package from Paper Mario Given by a Boo while doing Koopa Koot's favors.
Dizzy Dial PaperMario Items DizzyDial.png On a big stone one scene to the east of the Boo's area (requires Kooper).
Repel Gel PaperMario Items RepelGel.png In a question block one scene to the east of the Boo's area.
Letter A letter Behind a branch one scene to the east of the Boo's area.
Super Shroom PaperMario Items SuperShroom.png In a question block one scene before Tubba Blubba's Castle.

Area tattles[edit]

  • "There's a windmill. Those vanes are turning really slowly. The sound of it turning is sort of lonely."
  • "Somebody told me that if a house is dilapidated, it means it's crumbly and deserted. That sounds like this place. Goompa said Boos love this sort of place."
  • "The way that house leans is bizarre, isn't it? Why do Boos like homes like these?"
  • "It's Gusty Gulch. Watch your step on the rocky slopes. You also have to beware of strange creatures. My dad would say that going through here builds character..."
  • "It's Gusty Gulch. It looks like there's a gap over there that won't be easy to cross. You'll need some help. Let's be quick but careful. I don't like the looks of the creatures around here."
  • "We've reached the top of Gusty Gulch. That building is Tubba Blubba's Castle, isn't it? The land here is totally barren. Was it always like this?"
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In-game map description[edit]

  • Boos like to hang around this deserted gulch. On the ridge is the castle of the Invincible Tubba Blubba.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピューピューヒル
Pyūpyū Hiru
Windy Hill. Pyūpyū is an onomatopoeia of blowing winds.
Chinese 风啸谷
Fēngxiāo Gǔ
Wind-howling Valley
French Ravin Ventu Gusty Gulch
German Windige Schlucht Windy Canyon
Portuguese Ravina Tempestuosa Gusty Gulch
Spanish Barranco Borrascoso Gusty Cliff


  • It is quite possible that Gusty Gulch is based on the real-life location of La Mancha, Spain. This area of Spain is a windy, semi-arid grassland, and is littered with windmills - a description that fits Gusty Gulch quite well. Also, the background music of Gusty Gulch seems to be Spanish-inspired.

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