Peach Beam

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Paper Mario move
Peach Beam
Mastered By Mario/Star Spirits/Twink
Attack Power 0
Rank N/A
Effect Breaks Bowser's Star Rod+Power Platform invincibility
Target One enemy

The Peach Beam is the upgraded version of the Star Beam featured in Paper Mario. This attack nullifies the enhanced invincibility of Bowser's Star Rod in Kammy Koopa's special battle arena.

Normally, Mario can use the Star Beam on Bowser to remove Bowser's invincibility from the Star Rod, but Kammy's specially designed arena strengthens the invincibility, blocking the Star Beam. Princess Peach, with some timely advice from the Star Kid Twink, makes a wish to grant more power to the Star Spirits and upgrades the Star Beam into the Peach Beam, which can then stop the Star Rod's power.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピーチフラッシュ[1]
Pīchi Furasshu
Peach Flash
Spanish Rayo Peach Peach Beam
German Peach-Strahl Literal translation
Chinese 桃花射线
Táohuā Shèxiàn
Peach Ray



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