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A parade is a way of showing all or most of the characters who appear in a Super Mario game. It is akin to the cast roll from Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario World, where screens show all the characters or enemies in the game.

Parades are most often seen at the end of RPG games.


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars[edit]

Luigi, in his only appearance in the game (aside from his wish being seen at Star Hill), leads the parade shown at the staff credits at the end of the game. These characters appear in the following order:

After the last float rolls by, Geno flies up into the air, and fireworks begin to go off near the Castle. A picture of a star fades in, and Geno creates the letters in THE END, while he turns into the D. The music will then switch to a lullaby rendition of the Super Mario Bros. ground theme and the words will begin to shine endlessly until the game is turned off or reset.

In the game's remake, the daytime part of the parade uses the original game's graphics and the nighttime part changes to the remastered graphics. This time, when the "The End" screen appears, the player can save their progress and return back into the game.

Excluded characters[edit]

Paper Mario series[edit]

Paper Mario[edit]

The parade from Paper Mario.

At the end, during the credits, a parade is shown similar to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Luigi leads the parade (which was implied to be the "top secret" important business that he alluded to earlier when leaving Mario). Six Toads walk by with trumpets, drums, and flags. Afterward, the Star Ship goes by with all of Mario's partners - Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, Parakarry, Lady Bow, Watt, Sushie, and Lakilester - on it. Three female Toads walk by, followed by Chuck Quizmo and Vanna T.

The Koopa Bros. come by next on a car that resembles the fake Bowser. Four Bob-ombs explode on them. In the background, a lake goes by with the whale, with Kolorado and his wife on its back. Moustafa and some mice meet up with Rowf and Rhuff, while Tutankoopa is being chased by a Chomp, and escapes it. Buzzar and his mountain fly by, and three eggs in Buzzar's nest hatch. As Bootler comes onscreen, Tutankoopa is now being chased by three Chomps. Tubba Blubba appears to be floating through the air, but is really being carried by Boos. Tubba's Heart chases after his body. A tree goes by with the Goomba King stuck in it, and the Red & Blue Goomba Bros. circling around it. The Goomba King falls out of the tree.

Lavalava Island goes by, with the Yoshis on it, and Raphael the Raven and Lava Piranha (hardly smaller than the volcano) alternately peeking around the corner of the volcano. The five Yoshi kids jump off the island as Huff N. Puff and Gourmet Guy appear. The Yoshis attack them with their tongues, shrinking Huff N. Puff. Gourmet Guy pulls out a knife and fork and chases Huff N. Puff, trying to eat him. Crystal King appears, but another Crystal King reveals him as a Duplighost, only to be revealed as a Duplighost by the real Crystal King, who is then carried away by his Crystal Bits after berating them. Jr. Troopa and Kammy Koopa fight using magic. Bowser and some Hammer Bros. and Koopatrols go by. Bowser is in his Koopa Clown Car, and is caught in the crossfire of Jr. Troopa and Kammy Koopa's battle and the Hammer Bros. and Koopatrols dodge the attack in time. As they go offscreen, the angry Bowser attacks them, burning them both as they come flying back onscreen.

It is now nighttime. The seven Star Spirits go by on their own car. Mayor Penguin, his wife, and two more penguins go by, followed by a band of Toads, two Amazy Dayzees, and then a car with the Ancients - Merlon, Merlee, Merluvlee, Merlow, Merle, and Madam Merlar, as well as Wise Wisterwood, with the Sun circling it. After two Bub-ulbs walk by, the Shy Guy with the flag walks by, after him a stage with General Guy, four Groove Guys, and two Shy Guys (from the Shy Squad) dancing on it appears. Twelve more Shy Guys walk by, and following up, the fifteenth Shy Guy (the straggler). Afterward, the six Toads with the trumpets, drums, and flags walk by again (with their spots flashing), and finishing up, a car with Mario and Princess Peach on it. Twink briefly appears before Mario and Peach walk to Mario's house to watch the fireworks, a large The End appears and zooms to the bottom, and the fireworks continue until the player resets or turns off the system.

Excluded characters[edit]

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

This parade differs greatly from the previous two. As the credits are shown at the end of the game, while images of the game are being shown, the characters walk by in silhouette. Among the characters that walk by are Luigi, Goombella, Professor Frankly, Toadsworth, Zess T., Merlon, Merluvlee, Merlee, various enemies, Toads, and minor characters, Koops, Koopie Koo, Koopley, Kroop, Toadette, Dupree, Flurrie, Punio, Petuni, the Puni elder, Puniper, Punies, a Jabbi, Jabble, Don Pianta, Frankie, Francesca, either Tony, Vinny or Rocko, Mini-Yoshi, Jolene, Prince Mush, Grubba, Rawk Hawk, Bowser, Kammy Koopa, Doopliss, Beldam, Marilyn, Vivian, Admiral Bobbery, Flavio, Pa-Patch, Lord Crump, Ms. Mowz, Goldbob, Sylvia, Bub, Ratooey, Heff T., Toadia, the waitress, Zip Toad, Chef Shimi, the mayor of Fahr Outpost, General White, and Sir Grodus. Mario and Princess Peach are the last to appear.

In addition, during the pictures of the boss encounters, several bigger bosses or minibosses briefly appear onscreen (shadowed, like the others). These are Blooper, Hooktail, Magnus von Grapple, Atomic Boo, Cortez, Smorg, Magnus von Grapple 2.0, and Shadow Queen. Shadow Queen appears around the same time as Mario and Peach.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star[edit]

After not appearing in the previous title, an end-credit parade returns in this game.

The parade begins with a Green Toad leading it off (or Luigi, if the player finds him all five times in the game) alongside a Red and Blue Toad. The first float to appear is a replica of the Sticker Fest stage. A Yellow and Pink Toad are dancing on the stage, and are eventually joined by a Green Toad, who appears through the curtain. The next float to come through is a float based on Hither Thither Hill. The two bent Toads from Warm Fuzzy Plains and Water's Edge Way are seen to the left, while the right of the float features the Windmill from the level, spinning as a Toad tries to hold himself down from the winds. A Goomba Fortress float comes up next, with a Goomba on the bridge, and 3 others on the fortress, who appear when the fortress' cannons go off.

Two Spinies hold a replica of the gate that heads into Drybake Desert. The keys then reveal themselves and the environment then turns into a desert. The following float combines the first three levels of World 2 which features the Yoshi Sphinx from the titular level and two graves from Sandshifter Ruins, which two Dry Bones pop out of. On the top of the float are two Pokeys, which rotate to form their yellow and green counterparts. On the right of the float is the Paratroopa squad, who ambushed Mario in the Sphinx. The next float is based on Drybake Stadium. The float has a fountain inside, which the Toad from Damp Oasis relaxes on with his deckchair. 3 Mural Toads pop out of the entrence, while a Mural Goomba and Mural Koopa appear in the middle of the building.

A Sombrero Guy, Accordion Guy, and Maraca Guy lead Wiggler, and the environment then turns into a forest. Some Butterflies are near Wiggler's Flower on his head, while a green Toad and three Snifits ride on him and his segments. The Snifit host from Snifit or Whiffit appears on his podium on the top, with eventually more Snifits appearing as confetti flies, lights appear and an unseen crowd cheers.

The parade then shifts to an ice and snowy environment, and follows on with a float based on World 4, mainly Snow Rise and The Enigmansion. Cooligans spin around on the left of the float, and the five "disco" Boos appear on a rock near a smaller replica of the mansion, which has the mansion steward and the mansion owner inside. The Big Boo pops up on the top of the mansion and laughs. Three carts from Bowser's Snow Fort then appear, two of them are red and are ridden by Shy Guys, while the one on the right is pink and is ridden by Birdo, who winks at the player.

The parade then shifts to a Jungle setting. The largest float then appears, based on the levels of World 5. It is pulled by a Big Chain Chomp, and Spear Guys dance all around the forest sections. the Raft from Jungle Rapids and Long Fall Falls also appears, being ridden by another Spear Guy. Rumble Volcano appears on the end of the float, with the Traveling Toad and the enemies he has been bullied with. Fake lava then spews out of the Volcano, releasing orange confetti.

Kamek shifts the parade into nighttime and leads the Koopa Troop away. the first to appear are 9 Buzzy Beetles. The next float has glowing versions of the five major bosses: Megasparkle Goomba, Tower Power Pokey, Gooper Blooper, Mizzter Blizzard and Petey Piranha. After the float passes, a Hammer Bro, Boomerang Bro, Fire Bro and Ice Bro throw their projectiles in the air, leading the way to Bowser and Bowser Jr's airship float. Bowser Jr. is on the front of the ship and laughs, while Bowser is on the ship itself, waving and eventually roaring. The Grand Finale then happens, with eight glowing Toads holding the achievement flags to follow the final float, a glowing sticker comet float with Mario, Princess Peach and Kersti cheering on. The parade ends with three red Toads, and the camera starts to zoom up into the Sky, where the "The End" text appears. The camera then zooms out of the book and the book closes, while lights turn off. Music then plays until the player press the A Button button and returns to the title screen.

After completing the game, Mario can go back to Decalburg's Sticker Fest area and talk to a Purple Toad, which will allow him to watch the parade again.

Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

The parade in this game begins with two red Toads holding a banner with a Big Paint Star on the front following on with Luigi riding in his Standard Kart (if Luigi hasn't been found in all the six places he can be found in, the Toads will instead hold a banner showing how many times the player found Luigi by then). Following the Toads and Luigi is all five leaders of the Rescue Squad V alongside the first float based on Port Prisma. The float has four red Toads standing, the Newspaper-reading Toad from the Port Prisma Cafe and all five Big Paint Stars forming a Ferris Wheel. Eventually, a rainbow forms behind the float and fireworks go off as the wheel starts spinning and the four Toads dance.

In the next part led by the Chosen Toads and a spinning Tea Cup with two Shy Guys is a float based on Ruddy Road, with the cafe on the wheel that is being spun by a Paint Guy on the wheel. A Shy Guy inside another teacup is eating a Magma Burger, which due to the hot nature of the Burger causes the Shy Guy to breath fire. Draggadon then suddenly appears, scaring the Shy Guy in the process. This is followed on by a float based on Redpepper Volcano, with the hot springs from Redpepper Crater. The Three Toads from the Hot Springs are inside the one on the float. At some point, a Shy Guy looks at them.

The Sunset Express follows on with many carriages. The first carriage has 5 Toads from the express levels sitting on the seats. The next carriage has a cardboard version of the Steak, with 2 Yellow Toads using the Salt & Pepper and the Lemon things on it. The 5 Toads then head to the carriage eat up the cardboard Steak. The last carriage has some Spikes and Spinies balancing on a hexagonal puzzle, Then, out of nowhere, a Thwomp destroys the hexagons and the Spikes and Spinies fall off the carriage.

Two Koopa Paratroopas are seen flying in the sky near the next float, which is based on the Mountain levels. On the float itself, two Toads are peeking though the gate and a Yellow Toad standee respectively, and then poke out of them and start to wave. Next to that, two Shy Guys roll rocks down the slope. The rocks turns into a giant pillar, which a Yellow Shy Guy holds in its arms, followed on with two more also holding pillars. Following on this, The three Chain Chomp powered chariots with the two Snifits and the Koopa Troopa rush through, along with Princess and Prof. Kinopio rolling down catching up with them.

The next section is based on the forest levels, which consists of an enemy parade. Various sized Goombas wander around, which the wild Yoshis from the Emerald Circus chase. Also from this level is a upside down Shy Guy, two Juggler Bros. and two Roller Guys.

In the next section, the Snifit from Snifit or Whiffit appears alongside other Snifits cheering on, who appear from bottom to top instead of right to left. A small float appears based on Bloo Bay Beach, with the Mustard Café Chef relaxing in his deckchair and the Five Fun Guys standing up. They then jump into the water and play around. A Dark Bloo Inn inspired float follows on, with the two Toad owners. It then lights up and the Tea Party Toads fly out.

Next is a Plum Park inspired float, where Birdo performs her show to a small crowd of Shy Guys and Red Koopa Troopas. After this, Pink Shy Guys hold up the targets from one of the sections of Violet Passage, alongside a float based on the Pirate Ship. On the float is the Violet Passage captain, his crew and the legendary captain. A small float based on Lighthouse Island follows after the ship.

After that, the parade shifts to night time, with some Dry Bones and colorless Shy Guys marching the way alongside some Boos. Kamek then appears and uses his magic to reveal that the Shy Guys and Dry Bones are wearing colorful glowing lights. The next float has all the Koopalings on, with glowing versions of the surfaces they were on when they were thought. Coming from the bottom, is the Airship, carrying Bowser, who is riding in the Koopa Clown Car, who then roars.

Finally, in the end, Toads carrying the Super Flags lead on to the final float, which is the boat from the beginning of the game, carrying Toad and Princess Peach, all covered in colorful lights. Mario then comes out (also covered in colorful lights) and talks to Peach as fireworks go off. Then, Toad and Peach head into the float with Mario looking out for a bit. He gives the player a thumbs-up as the float vanishes.

If the player has collected all the Super Flags, Huey is shown to fall back into the Prisma Fountain at Port Prisma.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam[edit]

At the end of the game, Toadette leads a Papercraft parade. The Papercrafts, which have Toadette, Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario, Starlow, Princess Peach, and Paper Peach on them, start in Sunbeam Plains, and soon enter Doop Doop Dunes, where they encounter and defeat a Papercraft Goomba. Nabbit runs past, and Megacrinkle Goomba appears and is defeated. The group enters Twinsy Tropics, where three Lakitus pass by, followed by rainbow trails. A Papercraft Spike is encountered and defeated. Nabbit runs by again, holding a melon and getting chased by a Yoshi. They enter Gloomy Woods, where a Papercraft Boo is encountered and defeated. A group of Fly Guys appears, but are chased away by Flutter, and are followed by Papercraft King Boo. The Papercraft enter Mount Brrr, where Nabbit runs past with the melon again, chased by a group of Yoshis. He trips, allowing the Yoshis to collect the melon. Papercraft Bowser Jr. appears and runs away, and is followed by Papercraft Kamek. The Papercrafts enter Bowser's Castle, defeating a group of Bullies, Mechakoopas, and a Broozer. Papercraft Bowser Jr. reappears and is defeated, followed by Papercraft Bowser. The group returns to Peach's Castle. Luigi then joins Mario and Paper Mario on their Papercraft, and the Toads throw the Papercrafts. Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario, Starlow, Toadette, Princess Peach, and Paper Peach pose.