Whitecap Beach

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Whitecap Beach
Whitecap Beach
Mario crossing platforms to go the destroyed sunken ship.
Level code W3-12
World World 3
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Boss Wiggler Segment
Gooper Blooper
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Whitecap Beach is the twelfth and final level of World 3 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It has almost no enemies, only a few Cheep Cheeps and the boss, Gooper Blooper. According to a Toad at Surfshine Harbor, a fishing vessel was recently lost at the harbor, due to Gooper Blooper. It is also from here that he is poisoning the forest.


When Mario first gets there, he and Kersti find the fourth and last Wiggler Segment, covered in poison near two Poison Bloopers. It then proceeds to fight Mario. After being defeated, the segment walks onto the shore, and, upon seeing all of the poison in the ocean, becomes enraged. After Kersti tells the segment to calm down, it rushes off to Surfshine Harbor to get a boat to go there.

After Mario returns the segment to Wiggler's Tree House and reassembles Wiggler, Wiggler heads toward the Whitecap Beach to save the forest. Here, Wiggler allows Mario to ride on his back to reach the island.

The next part is not much more, only crates floating in poison and a few Cheep Cheeps hopping in and out of the water. While crossing one portion of this area, Gooper Blooper's tentacles appear out of the water and can flatten Mario, damaging him. At the end of this segment is half of a wrecked ship, containing a Heart Block and a Save Block. After Gooper Blooper is defeated, the water, and by extension the forest, is returned to normal, and Mario and Kersti obtain the third Royal Sticker.

Sticker upgrade spot[edit]

Outside of the shipwreck above the flower.

Area Tattle[edit]

  • The beach! That sea freeze feels so nice. Shame about the poison.
  • This is how the forest SHOULD be: quiet, green, and fragrant. (after the purple Royal Sticker is obtained)




Audio.svg Sorrow on the Waves - The music for Whitecap Beach
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アラナミ海岸
Aranami Kaigan
Raging Waves Coast

Chinese 惊涛海岸 (Simplified)
驚濤海岸 (Traditional)
Jīngtāo Hǎi'àn
Stormy Waves Beach

French (NOA) Plage sur la crête
Beach on the ridge
French (NOE) Plage Tic-Tac
Tick-tock Beach
German Schaumkronenstrand
Whitecap Beach
Italian Spiaggia Spumeggiante
Foamy Beach
Spanish Playa Barahúnda
Hubbub Beach