Bouquet Gardens

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Bouquet Gardens
Screenshot of Mario in Bouquet Gardens, from Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Mario and a Toad pushed by a strong wind.
Level code W1-2
World World 1
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
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“Such a pretty green! This really looks like a park.”
Kersti, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Bouquet Gardens is World 1-2 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is a grassy area with many hills and flowers. Mario learns how to use the Battle Spin here.


Screenshot of a Goomba Wheel in Bouquet Gardens, from Paper Mario: Sticker Star
A Goomba Wheel attacking Mario and Kersti.

Bouquet Gardens is a peaceful grassland inhabited by a few Toads and common grassland enemies such as Goombas. It is filled with beautiful flowers and a flower garden is on the first hill, monitored by a Toad. At first, Mario is unable to progress through the flower garden due to strong winds; however, later in the level, it is found that a Fan is the cause of this, which can be switched off and obtained. The blustery garden is followed by a grassy hilltop, which drops down to another slope that leads to a set of foothills that houses the Comet Piece. Eventually, a Goomba Wheel interrupts Mario, and Kersti introduces the Battle Spin in that battle.

HP-Up Heart[edit]

Screenshot of Paperization in Bouquet Gardens, from Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Mario helps to restore the Toad's garden.

After the Fan is obtained, Mario can return to the Toad that was battling against the strong winds to find him bawling over his ravaged garden. Mario can use Paperize to place Fire Flower or Ice Flower stickers (or either sticker's Shiny or Flashy variations) into the garden to make it bloom again. This makes the Toad overjoyed, and the grateful Toad gives Mario an HP-Up Heart. After that, the player can pick the flowers and put them in the Sticker Album. They still grow back for Toad.

Toad rescue[edit]

In the hilltop area, a red Toad is being bullied by a pair of Goombas. Talking to them gives a choice of paying the Goombas twenty coins or battling them. If the Goombas are engaged in battle, they team up and become a 2-Fold Goomba. Either way, the red Toad gives Mario a Cat-o-Luck for helping him.

Secret Door[edit]

The outline for the Secret Door is located on the cliff before the Comet Piece. Pasting in a Secret Door sticker via Paperize reveals a hollow with the stickers Flashy Fire Flower, Flashy Ice Flower, and Flashy POW Block.

Sticker upgrade spots[edit]

  • In the area with the red Toad, above a hexagonal formation of flowers that can be bloomed using the hammer.
  • In the area after the above, above a similar formation of flowers.

Area Tattle[edit]


  • Such a pretty green! This really looks like a park.

Flower Garden[edit]

  • Ugh! The wind's too strong... It's really messed this place up. (Before the Fan is taken)
  • It seems wrong to call a place without lots of flowers "Bouquet Gardens." (After the Fan is taken)
  • The flowers smell so nice. So THAT'S why it's called Bouquet Gardens! (After the Toad's flower bed is re-planted)


  • What a wind! I wonder where it's blowing from?




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハナサキガーデン
Hana Saki Gāden
「ハナサキ」is from「花咲き」(hanasaki, flower blooming) and「ガーデン」means "garden"
Chinese 盛开花园 (Simplified)
盛開花園 (Traditional)
Shèngkāi Huāyuán
Blooming Garden
French Jardins des bouquets Bouquets' gardens
German Floragarten Flora Garden
Italian Bouquet di Giardini Bouquet of Gardens
Spanish Jardines Fragantes Fragrant Gardens