Snow Rise

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Not to be confused with Snow Ride.
Snow Rise
A Snow Spike throwing a giant snow ball at Mario.
Level code 4-1
World World 4
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
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Snow Rise is the first level of World 4 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is a typical snow level inhabited by many Shiny enemies. It also is plastered with many Shiny Stickers. Birdo also makes an appearance here.


The level starts out on a dock and a teal grass island, followed by the actual level covered by a blanket of snow. In the next room is a hill that can be climbed up to reveal a tree that resembles an ice cream cone. Using Paperize here and placing a Fire Flower or a Burnhammer in the tree will melt the snow to reveal the "Pipe in a Cave" scrap.

The next room is the massive central slope. Upon entering, Cooligans will start sliding down the hill in an attempt to damage Mario. Past the hill is a steep slope patrolled by Snow Spikes. To the right are two hills that lead both up and down. The down path takes Mario to a leveled, out-of-reach hollow where the Pipe in a Cave scrap can be placed, along with a hidden block with a Shiny Eekhammer. The upper path leads to a snow pile that can be jumped through to fall down into the leveled hollow, enabling entrance to the pipe. The pipe takes Mario to the secret exit, unlocking Whiteout Valley. Going further up will take Mario to a cave entrance that leads to a peak with a tree. Whacking this tree three times will cause Birdo to appear on a swing and toss the Goat item down to the peak from a faraway mountain.

The left path of the steep slope leads to a cave with a few shiny stickers and a pathway to the upper part of the central slope. The Radiator Thing sticker can be placed on the pedestal right there to melt the mountain, revealing an entrance to the mountain climb. Going further left will take Mario to the ice cream cone tree, allowing the Pipe in a Cave scrap to be collected.

Back at the upper slope, the newly revealed passage can be entered to find a mountain guarded by more Snow Spikes, except this time, Shiny Goombas will jump on top of their snowballs and ride down them in an attempt to deal more damage to Mario. Going all the way up the mountain will lead to the Comet Piece and Ice Flow.

Secret Door[edit]

The Secret Door mark is located on the lower slope's left side after the snow is melted away. It contains the Cell Phone.

Sticker upgrade spot[edit]

In the lower part of the third map at the leftmost side is a hexagonal formation of flowers that can be hammered to bloom. The spot is above the flowers.

Area Tattle[edit]

Main Areas[edit]

  • Snow! This is the first time I've ever seen it! Amazing!

Cooligan Area[edit]

  • Hey, shouldn't those weird sliding things stop for crossing pedestrians? What a bunch of road hogs. (before melting away the snow drifts)
  • It looks a bit tidier now that the snow drifts have all melted away, right?

Hill Areas[edit]

  • These hills are making me tired. Snow's pretty and all, but it's hard to walk in. Or even float over.


  • Nothing like some hot paperization on a cold day. Let's get warmed up! (NA)
  • Nothing like some hot paperisation on a cold day. Let's get warmed up! (EU)



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スノーヒル
Sunō Hiru
Snow Hill

Chinese 白雪山丘
Báixuě Shānqiū
White Snow Hill

French Montagne de Neige
Snow Mountain
German Fröstelhöhe
Shivering Heights
Italian Altopiano Nevoso
Snowy Plateau
Spanish Cumbre Nevada
Snowy Summit