Water's Edge Way

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Water's Edge Way
Level code W1-3
World World 1
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Boss Kamek
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“There's a lot of water here... Just as an FYI, water is paper's archenemy.”
Kersti, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Water's Edge Way is World 1-3 of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is a grassy area with a waterfall and several islands in the middle of bodies of water. It is the first level in the game with two exits, and it is also the first level in which the piece of the Sticker Comet is moved from its original location.


Kamek appears.

Mario finds the piece of the Sticker Comet early on in the level. As he approaches it, the same Toad from Warm Fuzzy Plains bumps into him. He gives Mario an Album Page, but says that someone is following him. Kamek appears, but Mario defeats him in a battle. Angry, Kamek paperizes the piece of the comet and sends it away. Note, although this is the first time Mario fights him, this is the first, and only battle where Kamek does not turn his stickers into sandal stickers. Mario goes after it and eventually finds it floating atop a water spout. In a nearby cave, he finds the Faucet that is supplying the water and turns it off, receiving the item. The Comet Piece falls through a hole and Mario retrieves it. Then, he returns it to its original location to complete the level. Mario can later return with a Secret Door and place it in the underground area where the water was to get the bed.

Secret exit[edit]

Way to the secret exit in Water's Edge Way, from Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Mario falling down a gap to reach the secret exit.

In the area one screen past where Kamek is encountered, there is a sign that reads "Water's Edge Waterfall." By running off the ledge and into the waterfall, Mario enters a cave with a Comet Piece. Collecting this unlocks Whammino Mountain.

Secret Door[edit]

The outline for the Secret Door is located in an underground hole after the Bowser statue stops spitting water. Inside is the Bed, and 35 coins.

Sticker upgrade spots[edit]

Outside of the area containing the secret exit, above a flower and below a bridge.

Area Tattle[edit]


  • There's a lot of water here... Just so you know, water is paper's arch-enemy.


  • We have to do something about that water to get that comet piece... Have we been everywhere we can go?




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミズギワロード
Mizugiwa Rōdo
Water's Edge Road
Chinese (Simplified) 水畔小径
Shuǐpàn Xiǎojìng
Water's Edge Path
Chinese (Traditional) 水邊之路
Shuǐbiān Zhī Lù
Water's Edge Road
French (NOA) Chemin de la rive Path of the bank
French (NOE) Chemin de la cascade Waterfall's way
German Flusshöhenpfad Riverheights Path
Italian Strada Lungofiume Riverside Path
Spanish (NOA) Sendero de la Rivera Riverside Path
Spanish (NOE) Sendero de la Ribera Riverside Path