Wiggler's Diary

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Wiggler's Diary, referred to as the Book of Wiggler in its entries, is an optional item found in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It contains five entries, all of which, except the one at Surfshine Harbor, are optional. When the Wiggler's segments get separated from Wiggler, Mario must retrieve them throughout World 3. After a segment is subdued, Mario must lead it to specific places for the segment to create a new page on Wiggler's Diary based on the experiences. The diary entries collected can be viewed at Wiggler's Tree House. Once Wiggler's body is reunited, any optional journal entries that the player skipped over can no longer be obtained.


Image Quote Location
WigglerPuff.jpeg Dear Book of Wiggler:
Wiggler saw a white flower today, and it floated away in a puff. That was fun!
The Bafflewood - Near the end of the level, lead the segment through the dandelion.
WigglerAnger.jpeg Dear Book of Wiggler:
The poison from the ocean has flowed into the forest. This frustrates Wiggler.
Outlook Point - Lead the segment to the hillside.
HotSpringsWiggler.jpeg Dear Book of Wiggler:
A person in red was in the hot springs. Wiggler also got kind of red.
Tree Branch Trail - Lead the segment to the cliffside to the poison hot spring.
Wigglershow.jpg Dear Book of Wiggler:
Wiggler stumbled into a fun game show! It had a quiz. A very hard quiz. Wiggler got nothing right.
Stump Glade - Replay Snifit or Whiffit while the segment watches.
WigglerBoat.jpg Dear Book of Wiggler:
Wiggler wanted to ride a boat to stop the poison, but someone said no.
Surfshine Harbor - Interact with the segment.