Clip Guy

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Sticker Star enemy
Clip Guy
A Clip Guy from Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Location(s) Leaflitter Path, The Bafflewood, Loop Loop River
Role Common
Max HP 12
Attack 3
Defense 0
Moves Clip (Clipped), Flail (3)
Stickers N/A
A screenshot of Paper Mario: Sticker Star
A Clip Guy pushes against Mario.

Clip Guys (known as Paperclip Guys in the British English version) are a type of Shy Guy that appear in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Clip Guys are semi-common Shy Guys that carry paper clips into battle and only appear in battles with Snifits, Paint Guys, and/or Ninjis. While they have the clip in their hands, these enemies will attempt to trap Mario using the paper clip. The only way to prevent Mario from having the Clip Guy trap Mario is to mash the A Button button or rapidly touch the touch screen. If the player does not do it fast enough, Mario gets Clipped for at least two turns; sometimes this defect will last for three or four turns. If the Clip Guy fails to trap Mario with the paper clip, the Clip Guy will go back to its position with its clip still in tow however, the speed at which it will attack increases. Once a Clip Guy loses their paper clip, they will attack like normal Shy Guys.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリップヘイホー
Kurippu heihō
Clip Shy Guy

Chinese (simplified) 回形针嘿虎
Huíxíngzhēn Hēihǔ
Paper Clip Shy Guy

Chinese (traditional) 迴紋針嘿呵
Huíwénzhēn Hēihē
Paper Clip Shy Guy

French (NOA) Maskache col blanc
White-Collar Shy Guy
French (NOE) Mass'istant
Pun on "Maskass" (Shy Guy's European French name) and "Assistant"
German Klammer Guy
Clip Guy
Italian Tipo Graffetta
Clip Guy
Spanish (NOA) Guy oficinista
Office Worker Guy
Spanish (NOE) Clipiguy
Clip Guy