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Mario standing in front of the fountain
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
Greater location Mushroom Kingdom
Inhabitants Toads
Not to be confused with Petalburg.
“Welcome back, Mario! Great job being all epic on that epic journey!”
Toad, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Decalburg is a town featured in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It serves as the central hub town of the game, and is where Mario starts his adventure. The Sticker Fest takes place here. The town's name comes from decal, a design prepared on special paper to be transferred to another surface, like a sticker, and -burg, a town or city.


The Toads about to unroll the town plaza.

The game begins in Decalburg after the Sticker Fest was forcefully ended by Bowser. Mario is woken up by Kersti and then proceeds to peel her off. After that, the Toads are shown to have been crumpled or attacked and are panicking over the ravaged festival grounds.

As each Toad is found and rescued, it is discovered that an entire portion of Decalburg has been rolled up, and all of the saved Toads are needed to unroll it. As soon as it is turned back to normal, Mario and Kersti are attacked by a gang of Goombas, in which the basic battle actions are taught. After the commotion, Mario and Kersti leave for World 1's first level, Warm Fuzzy Plains.

Later, after Mario learns how to Paperize, he can pull off Decalburg's fountain to reveal the Green Toad that was crushed under the unrolling Decalburg. The Green Toad thanks Mario and officially opens up the Sticker Museum.

Gradually, over the course of the game, the festival grounds are repaired.


The east side of the town.

The first area of Decalburg is the festival grounds, where the Sticker Fest takes place. At first, this site is ravaged and contains a very small selection of weak stickers, but gradually over the course of the game the Toads rebuild the grounds.

The next area is the residential area. It contains three houses. The one on the left contains newspaper articles about "Green Guy" sightings. The house in the center belongs to the crybaby Toad found in World 1-4, Hither Thither Hill. Finally, the house on the end is the house of the bullied Red Toad encountered over the course of the game. As he is rescued, paintings of those attacks appear in his house, and once all five appear, a friend of his will give Mario an HP-Up Heart.

Mario, about to sling a Fan.

The biggest area is the town center, where the Sticker Shop, Sling-a-Thing stand, and Sticker Museum are located. The Sticker Shop is one of five shops in the game and slowly gets more and more powerful stickers over the course of the game. The Sling-a-Thing stand is opened once Mario gets the Fan item from Bouquet Gardens. Also, once Mario gets multiple Things, a secluded stand opens up near the Sling-a-Thing stand. This stand sells the Things that Mario has lost and not gotten back again. The items are pricey, and the method is highly implied to be illegal.

To the left of the secluded stand is the Secret Door of Decalburg that it shares with The Enigmansion. The door serves as a portal between the two.

Area Tattle[edit]

  • The center (centre in British English versions of the game) of Decalburg, eh? We can head out into the world from here.
  • This operation looks a bit dodgy, but I have to admit, the thing stickers are pretty amazing.
  • Stickers are being sold here! I really wonder how much I'd go for...
  • As far as house interiors go, this one is pretty odd...
  • Wow, a sticker museum! I really feel at ease here. So peaceful...
  • The Toads live in these houses, obviously. The Sticker Fest grounds are just back there.
  • Toad houses. Ah, the simple life.
  • They're rehearsing for the Sticker Fest! Not long to go now!

Sticker Shop[edit]

Name of Sticker Picture Price
Jump Jump Sticker PMSS.png 3 coins
Iron Jump Ironjumpsticker.png 5 coins
Hopslipper Hopslippersticker.png 5 coins
Line Jump LineJumpPMSS.png 12 coins
Hammer Hammer Sticker PMSS.png 3 coins
Eekhammer EekhammerstickerSprite.png 5 coins
Hurlhammer Hurlhammersticker.png 20 coins
Slaphammer The Slaphammer Sticker in Paper Mario: Sticker Star 3 coins
Baahammer Baahammer Sticker PMSS.png 10 coins
Burnhammer BurnhammerPMSS.png 20 coins
Chillhammer ChillhammerPMSS.png 20 coins
Spike Helmet SpikeHelmetPMSS.png 8 coins
POW Block POW Block Sticker PMSS.png 30 coins
Shell Shell Sticker PMSS.png 20 coins
Shiny Shell ShinyShellPMSS.png 40 coins
Mushroom MushroomPMSS.png 15 coins
Shiny Mushroom The Shiny Mushroom Sticker 30 coins
Flashy Mushroom The Flashy Mushroom Sticker 50 coins
Big Shiny Jump Bigshinyjump.png 25 coins
Big Shiny Iron Jump Bigshinyironjump.png 30 coins
Big Shiny Hopslipper BigshinyhopslipperPMSS.png 35 coins
Big Shiny Line Jump Bigshinylinejump.png 55 coins
Big Shiny Hammer Bigshinyhammer.png 25 coins
Big Shiny Eekhammer Bigshinyeekhammer.png 35 coins
Big Shiny Hurlhammer Bigshinyhurlhammer.png 55 coins
Big Shiny Slaphammer Bigshinyslaphammer.png 25 coins
Big Shiny Baahammer Bigshinybaahammer.png 20 coins
Big Shiny Burnhammer PMSSBigShinyBurnhammer.png 30 coins
Big Shiny Chillhammer BigShinyChillhammer.png 30 coins

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラベルンタウン
Raberun Taun
Labelun Town; derived from「ラベル」(raberu, label)
Chinese (Simplified) 贴花小镇
Tiēhuā Xiǎozhèn
Colorful Sticker Town
Chinese (Traditional) 剪紙小鎮
Jiǎnzhǐ Xiǎozhèn
Paper-cut Town
French (NOA) Collantbourg Stickerburg
French (NOE) Décalbourg Decalburg
German Stickershoven Sticker Courts
Italian Decalcopoli Decalburg
Korean 라벨 타운
Rabel Taun
Label Town
Spanish (NOA) Aldea Cromo Sticker Town
Spanish (NOE) Villatina Stickertown


Decalburg and an unused location in Paper Mario: Color Splash.
  • Originally, Decalburg was going to return in Paper Mario: Color Splash; it was ultimately replaced by Port Prisma. Concept art exists in Color Splash of what Decalburg might have looked like had it been reused.