Book of Sealing

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Someone has committed a terrible act. A book was opened--a terrible book with terrifying things sealed within.”
Steward, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The Book of Sealing is a key item in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The tome is meant to hold all the Boos inside The Enigmansion. However, opening the book causes all of the Boos inside to break free.


The Book of Sealing was once in the hands of a famous ghost hunter, who single-handedly sealed away several Boos inside. He then set the book to rest on a pedestal in the basement of the mansion. However, at one point, Kamek shows up and opens the book, releasing all of the Boos inside. The ghosts take over the mansion, scaring away the steward of The Enigmansion.

Outside, the steward is sitting on the front steps of the mansion when Mario and Kersti show up. The owner pins the task of finding and sealing all the Boos once again to them, handing them the Book of Sealing.

Inside the mansion, Mario and Kersti defeat and seal the Boos. In the basement, they discover the pedestal that the book once rested upon. If the book is placed when all the Boos are not captured, then the ground shakes violently and nothing happens; if they are all captured, then the book glows, and Kamek appears again. Using his magic, Kamek breaks the seal a second time; this time, the Boos all form into one Big Boo. After this Boo is defeated, they are all permanently sealed inside the book once again.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese (Simplified) 封印之书
Fēngyìn zhī Shū
Book of Sealing
French Fantômicon Portmanteau of fantôme (phantom) and Necronomicon
German Buu Huu-Bannbuch Boo Ban Book
Italian Libro del sigillo Book of the Seal
Spanish Espectronomicón Portmanteau of espectro (ghost) and Necronomicon


  • A twisted version of the jingle used when a Thing is collected can be heard when Mario obtains the book.