Holey Thicket

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Holey Thicket
Mario walking towards an Iron Jump sticker
Level code W3-11
World World 3
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
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Holey Thicket is the eleventh level of World 3 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. As the name implies, it is a part of the forest where there are many holes that lead to cave areas. The fourth and final Wiggler Segment is also first found here.


Right at the beginning is a pack of bushes. Going behind them will reveal two Poison Bloopers and the final Wiggler Segment. They carry it off to Whitecap Beach.

The next room is a fairly standard room with roaming Poison Bloopers and Boomerang Bros., along with the Comet Piece floating nearby, but unable to be accessed due to a missing scrap. Going up the left stairs will lead to a room with a few enemies and some Bowser Tape covering a hole. Pulling off the tape will drop Mario in a cave area with a few more enemies and a ramp that leads to a previously inaccessible platform with a tree with Bowser Tape in it. Hammering this tree will drop the Bowser Tape and enable it to be collected as a scrap. It can then be placed into the stairs and pulled off to unlock access to the first Comet Piece. Collecting this Comet Piece will unlock another path to Gauntlet Pond.

Going past the Comet Piece, however, will take Mario to the foothills. Right off the bat is the Traveling Toad being attacked by Poison Bloopers. If rescued, he will reward Mario with another Shiny Mushroom sticker.

Past him are a few holes, one of which can be dropped down into another cave that leads to another area with a few enemies and the Secret Door outline. Going up some stairs will take Mario to a hole that can be passed through that leads to a poisoned cave with a few Poison Bloopers. After traversing this cave, the second Comet Piece is found. It leads to Whitecap Beach.

Area Tattle[edit]

  • Careful with your footing around here: there are holes everywhere. Bet you wish you could float like me. Ha!
  • This is how the forest SHOULD be: quiet, green, and fragrant. (after the purple Royal Sticker is obtained)



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アナポコの森
Anapoko no Mori
Full-of-Holes Forest
Chinese 百孔森林
Bǎikǒng Sēnlín
Hundred-holed Forest
French (NOA) Maquis troué Holed thicket
French (NOE) Bosquet secret Secret thicket
German Grubendickicht Pits Thicket
Italian Macchia Bucherellata Holed Thicket
Spanish (NOA) Matorral Horadado Holed Thicket
Spanish (NOE) Foresta Horadada Holed Forest