Drybake Desert

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Drybake Desert
Mario, at the edge of sand
Level code W2-1
World World 2
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
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Drybake Desert is level 2-1 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It comprises of a vast desert filled with quicksand and an underground area.


The pyramid.

The level starts in a grassy area where a Goomba can be found guarding the Sticker inside the block. This is not a requirement though. When the player continues on, a huge gate blocking the way to the desert. Using Paperize, a Jump, Hammer, Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Fire or Ice Flower and Spike Helmet stickers must be placed in the gate to open it. The gate opens to reveal a short cave area inhabited by Swoops and a single Buzzy Beetle that can make the First Strike if it sees Mario. The cave exits to the desert itself, where a Save Block and Heart Block can be found, along with a Sombrero Guy. Traversing over the hill will reveal the Traveling Toad being attacked by a gang of Paragoombas. Once saved, the grateful Toad will give a Shiny Mushroom sticker as a reward.

The next area is an area with a few quicksand flows and a hollow cave with coins. Pokeys are first found here. After that, there is a vast quicksand hill with Pokeys following the current. The Soda item is located at the downhill section, and south of that is a sandfall with two striped cacti, which indicate the hidden cave area is nearby. Sinking into the quicksand between the cacti will take Mario to a cave area with one of three Tablet Piece scraps. Nearby is a sand geyser that will take Mario back up to the divide of the sand flow. The flow then descends to the pyramid, where an HP-Up Heart can be found, along with the Comet Piece.

Secret Door[edit]

The Secret Door is located behind the sole Sombrero Guy on the pyramid. It contains the Car Battery.

Sticker upgrade spots[edit]

  1. After the first slope in the third map.
  2. Above a Sombrero Guy behind rocks in the third map.
  3. After the quicksand hill in the fifth map are two brick blocks with a gap in the middle. The gap contains the upgrade spot.
  4. In the cave with the Tablet Piece, to the bottom right of the leftmost ? Block.
  5. On the pyramid near the area with a Green Pokey and a Worn-Out Jump Sticker.

Area Tattle[edit]

Outside the Doorway[edit]

  • Where's this desert supposed to be? Think it's on the other side?
  • It's relatively cool over here, but it's definitely hot on the other side of these doors. (after entering the desert for the first time)

Inside the Doorway[edit]

  • What's on the other side of this tunnel? More desert?

In the Desert[edit]

  • It's too hot! My glue's going to dry out.

Quicksand Areas[edit]

  • The sand is really flowing around here. Be careful!

Underground Area[edit]

  • So this is what it's like underground... Lovely. Try not to get washed away by the sand!


  • Nice! This is what you call a pyramid?



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カラカラ砂漠
Kara Kara Sabaku
Dry Desert, kara kara being an expression meaning "dried-up". Shares a name with both Dry Dry Desert and Kalimari Desert.

Chinese 干旱沙漠 (Simplified)
乾旱沙漠 (Traditional)
Gānhàn Shāmò
Dry Desert

French (NOA) Désert Cuire-au-Sec
Cook-to-Dry Desert
French (NOE) Désert Archisec
"Very dry" Desert
German Nimmerfeuchte Wüste
Neverwet Desert
Italian Deserto al Forno
Baked Desert
Spanish Desierto Lodoseco
"Drymud" Desert