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“Stick those door stickers up and they open secret areas... Secret doors rule.”
Kersti, Paper Mario: Sticker Star
“A door that opens the way to a secret place. This sticker can also be used to flee a battle.”
Sticker Museum plaque, Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Secret Door
"A portable emergency exit that can help you escape most battles, or to find secret areas in most levels."
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)

Secret Doors are a special type of sticker found in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. They are located exclusively at Outlook Point and sell for 80 coins. Their main purpose is to be Paperized onto silhouettes of doors found mainly on walls to see what is behind, usually several powerful stickers or a Thing. They can also be used in battle to successfully flee by having a door appear and have Mario walk through. However, in special occasions (such as when fighting Bowser), the door may collapse and fall on Mario, making him unable to escape.

A Secret Door is only found outside of Outlook Point twice; in Ice Flow after Mario reveals several Hidden Blocks, and in Bowser's Snow Fort after Mario defeats or pays the two Shy Guys holding the Traveling Toad hostage. In the Sticker Museum, it is placed as No. 87.

Secret Door locations[edit]

World 1[edit]

Level number Level name Secret Door location Reward
1-1 Warm Fuzzy Plains Along a cliff wall, in the area with the cave where Mario finds the Scissors. ThumbtackPMSS.png


1-2 Bouquet Gardens On a cliff wall just below the Comet Piece. Flashy Fire Flower, Flashy Ice Flower, Flashy POW Block (First visit only)
1-3 Water's Edge Way In an underground hole that becomes accessible by removing the Faucet and causing the Bowser statue to stop spitting water. BedPMSS.png

Bed, 35 Coins

1-4 Hither Thither Hill On a wall at the secret garden accessible via the red Warp Pipe. MatchesPMSS.png


1-5 Whammino Mountain In the underground passage entered via the Warp Pipe. BellowsPMSS.png


1-6 Goomba Fortress In the area with ventilators in the background, to the right of the first bridge after falling to ground level. SquirtgunPMSS.png

Squirt Gun

World 2[edit]

Level number Level name Secret Door location Reward
2-1 Drybake Desert Behind the sole Sombrero Guy on the pyramid in the area with the Comet Piece. CarbatteryPMSS.png

Car Battery

2-2 Yoshi Sphinx On the ground level of the Sphinx, close to a Spiny after moving around to the left side of the Sphinx's base. PaperfanPMSS.png

Paper Fan

2-3 Sandshifter Ruins Located by taking the following route after going underground: Go down the right sandfall, then up the stairs. Go down again, then down the left sandfall. Go down the right sandfall and enter the door at the end of the hallway. The Secret Door outline is on the wall on the other side of this room. LighterPMSS.png


2-4 Damp Oasis Shortly to the right of the entrance to the oasis. HairshearsPMSS.png

Hair Shears

2-5 Drybake Stadium Immediately at the level entrance. Flashy Eekhammer, Flashy Hurlhammer, Flashy Spike Helmet (First visit only)

World 3[edit]

Level number Level name Secret Door location Reward
3-1 Leaflitter Path In the second area of poisonous water, on a tree behind a Ninji. SearchlightPMSS.png


3-2 The Bafflewood After entering the woods, take the following path: right, left, right, right. The Secret Door outline is in the resulting area, down the stairs to the southeast. ViolinPMSS.png


3-3 Wiggler's Tree House On the second floor of the tree house, to the right of the fireplace. HP-Up Heart from Paper Mario: Sticker Star

HP-Up Heart

3-4 Strike Lake In the area with the Comet Piece, accessible by jumping over the fence to the south left. DrumPMSS.png


3-5 Loop Loop River In the area to the right of the entrance, directly to the right of the lone Boomerang Bro. PillowPMSS.png


3-6* Outlook Point Directly south of the shop, on a wall below the fence. The Fishhook Sticker


3-7 Rustle Burrow In the first area of the cave, on the top ledge close to where Mario reobtains his Hammer. UprightvacuumPMSS.png

Upright Vacuum

3-8 Tree Branch Trail Immediately at the level entrance. TapePMSS.png

Tape, 35 Coins

3-9 Gauntlet Pond In the middle of the second area, on a ledge at ground level behind the poison swamp. Shiny Fire Flower, Shiny Ice Flower, Shiny POW Block, Burnhammer, Chillhammer, Baahammer (First visit only)
3-10 Stump Glade In the area with the Comet Piece, to the left atop some boxes. SquarecanPMSS.png

Square Can, 35 Coins

3-11 Holey Thicket Two areas to the right of the area with the entrance, Mario can drop down a hole into a cave. This leads to another area, where the Secret Door outline is up the stairs to the left. BalloonPMSS.png

Balloon, 35 Coins

3-12 Whitecap Beach To the left of the cliff area reached immediately after riding Wiggler to the island. NewspaperPMSS.png


World 4[edit]

Level number Level name Secret Door location Reward
4-1 Snow Rise In the area with Cooligans, on the left side of the lower floor after the snow has been melted away. The Cell Phone Sticker

Cell Phone

4-2* Ice Flow On a ledge in the first cave area, found by dropping off the left side of the cliff near the exit. HairdryerPMSS.png

Hair Dryer

4-3 The Enigmansion At the top of the staircase in the backmost area of the mansion. Provides a shortcut back to Decalburg, next to the Sling-a-Thing stand.
4-4 Shaved-Ice Cave No Secret Door
4-5 Whiteout Valley On the wall of the cave, shortly after entering the level. FlashlightPMSS.png


4-6* Bowser's Snow Fort At the beginning of the level, on the right side of the entrance to the building. Allows access to the VIP waiting line for the minecart ride, allowing Mario to cut in front of the Shy Guys in line.

World 5[edit]

Level number Level name Secret Door location Reward
5-1 Shy Guy Jungle Two areas to the right of the area with the Comet Piece, to the right of the ledge where the Bridge Piece scrap is. TailorshearsPMSS.png

Tailor Shears

5-2 Jungle Rapids In the first area, to the right of the boathouse. MinivacuumPMSS.png

Mini Vacuum

5-3 Long Fall Falls To the left of the Comet Piece for the regular exit. LuxuriousbedPMSS.png

Luxurious Bed

5-4 Chomp Ruins On the second floor of the ruins, in the area where Mario can stand atop moving sawblades, on a platform in between two sets of sawblades. AirconditionerPMSS.png

Air Conditioner (Mario must hammer the back wall to make it fall off the wall and obtain it)

5-5 Rugged Road Accessible after freezing the first area, on the right side of the big lava pool. BasinPMSS.png


5-6 Rumble Volcano On the highest floor of the volcano, immediately at the entrace to the room left of the lava elevator. GuitarPMSS.png


World 6[edit]

Level number Level name Secret Door location Reward
6-1 Gate Cliff No Secret Door
6-2 Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla At the back of the first room inside the airship. Megaflash Jump, Shiny Hurlhammer, Shiny POW Block, Shiny Line Jump
6-3 Bowser's Sky Castle No Secret Door


* - A Secret Door sticker can be found in the level.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ひみつドア
Himitsu Doa
Secret Door

Chinese 秘密门 (Simplified)
秘密門 (Traditional)
Mìmì Mén
Secret Door

German Geheimtür
Secret Door
Italian Porta segreta
Secret Door
Spanish Puerta secreta
Secret Door