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Baahammer Sticker PMSS.png
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
A screenshot of Paper Mario: Sticker Star
The Baahammer in battle.

The Baahammer is a type of hammer sticker in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Its effects are similar to the Sleepy Sheep of previous Paper Mario games.

Baahammers can be purchased from Decalburg for 10 coins or found within early levels. When it is used in battle, Mario swings the Baahammer. Successfully performing the Action Command causes the hammer to spawn sheep when it hits an enemy. If an enemy gets hit by the hammer and is not defeated by it, the enemy is put to sleep. Baahammers can be used to solve the puzzles in Drybake Stadium where it needs hammer stickers to complete and to put the Big Chain Chomp in the Chomp Ruins to sleep. If it is put into a paperization zone which creates a ? Block, the resulting block may contain a Burnhammer, a Chillhammer, a POW Block, or a Burnhammer, Chillhammer, and another Baahammer. Stronger variants of the Baahammer include the Big Shiny Baahammer and Megaflash Baahammer.

A Baahammer can be placed into the Sticker Museum as #49, alongside the other Baahammer-type stickers.

Pre-release and unused content reveals an older design where the hammer had a white handle attached to the design of a limbless Sleepy Sheep.


Paper Mario: Sticker Star[edit]

  • Item description: "Makes all foes kind of sleepy."
  • Sticker Museum Sticking Point: "A hammer that, with good timing, puts enemies to sleep. The fact that it deals damage is a bonus."
  • North American website bio: "A hit from the Baa Hammer[sic] puts foes in a sleepytime mood, leaving them wide open to attack."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese めぇめぇハンマー
Mē-mē Hanmā
Baa-baa Hammer
Chinese (Simplified) 咩咩锤子
Miē miē chuízi
Chinese (Traditional) 咩咩槌子
Miē miē chuízi
French Martododo Portmanteau of marteau (hammer) and dodo (sleep)
German Mähhammer Baahammer
Italian Soporello From sopore (drowsiness) and martello (hammer)
Spanish Martillozzz From martillo (hammer) and zzz, onomatopoeia for snoring