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"With just a quick flick of the thumb, you can have yourself a flame. But, please! Handle with extreme care!"
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
“This portable campfire works best when entrenched in cool earth. Deployment of s'mores is up to the camper, but have you ever tried adding peanut butter?”
Sticker Museum plaque, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The Lighter is a Thing in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is the strongest of the fire-based Things and is found behind the Secret Door at Sandshifter Ruins. The Secret Door outline is found by going down the right-most sandfalls and entering the room at the bottom. Once collected, it remains in Mario's Album until it is turned into a sticker at a Sling-a-Thing station. Once it has been used as a sticker, it returns to its original position. It may also be purchased from the Shady Toad for 200 coins and sold as a sticker for 20 coins.

As a sticker, the Lighter takes up four squares in the Album. When it is used in battle, it rises partially from the bottom of the screen and ignites its flame. This produces fireballs that explode like fireworks as a joyous fanfare plays. When the fanfare ends, the Lighter lowers out of frame. Any enemies that are defeated turn into ash. The player can repeatedly press A Button after the Lighter ignites to increase the damage dealt.

The Lighter can be placed into the Sticker Museum as #40, alongside other the fire-based and heat-based Things.

British English Sticker Museum description[edit]

Plant this deep into the earth, and you have yourself a campfire! You can use it to toast marshmallows but have you ever tried adding peanut butter first?

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ライター
Chinese (Simplified) 打火机
Chinese (Traditional) 打火機
French Briquet Lighter
German Feuerzeug Lighter
Italian Accendino Lighter
Spanish Mechero Lighter