Shiny Leaf

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Shiny Leaf
"Automatically makes every attack or block successful. And, if you take it to the shop, maybe something fairly good will happen."
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
“A sticker with the exact same effects of an ordinary leaf sticker. But look! It's shiny! So it sells for more.”
Sticker Museum plaque, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The Shiny Leaf is a sticker that is found in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Unlike normal stickers, it does not damage enemies. Rather, as the description would imply, it makes every attack or block successful, in an identical vein to its normal counterpart. It can also be set in the Sticker Museum as #86. In battle, using the sticker will make Mario wear it on its head, and then fall off. It takes one turn to use and does not have any effect in battle. However, it can be sold at shops for 50 coins.

The Shiny Leaf is also the second most valuable sticker in the game, surpassed only by the Megaflash Clone Jump.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キラはっぱ
Kira Happa
Shiny Leaf

Chinese (simplified) 闪闪叶子
Shǎnshǎn Yèzi
Shiny Leaf