Hair Dryer

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Hair Dryer
A Hair Dryer Card in Paper Mario: Color Splash.
"Blows searing-hot air that can dry out or melt practically anything!"
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
Latest appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“This large-scale rewarmer was likely utilized by primitive caterers, though it proved rather ineffective in both our quiche and chili-dog tests.”
Sticker Museum plaque, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The Hair Dryer (known as the Hairdryer in British English) is a Thing in Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Paper Mario: Color Splash. In both games, Mario's name is on either side of it.


Paper Mario: Sticker Star[edit]

“Why bother with towels? This dries hair in a flash!”
Item description
The Hair Dryer as a sticker

In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, the Hair Dryer is found behind the Secret Door in Ice Flow. The Secret Door outline is found within the cave and Mario must drop from above to reach it. Once collected, it remains in Mario's Album until it is turned into a sticker at a Sling-a-Thing station. Once it has been used as a sticker, it returns to its original position. It can also be purchased from the Shady Toad for 150 coins and sold as a sticker for 20 coins.

The Hair Dryer is a medium-sized sticker, taking up 1.5×1.5 squares in Mario's album. When it is used in battle, it appears in the corner of the screen, blowing a wave of heat toward the enemies. Once it is done, any enemies onscreen receive damage, more so if the player repeatedly taps A Button while it is in use.

The Hair Dryer can also be placed into the Sticker Museum as #36, alongside the other heat-related Things. Its basic description notes its preference and speed over towers, while its museum description identifies it as an outdated tool for warming up food, proving ineffective in both their chosen tests.

Like the other heat-based Things, the Hair Dryer is exceedingly effective in the battle with the Bowser Snow Statue.

Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

“You borrowing the dryer? Just be sure to bring it back. It's no fun being soggy all day!”
Toad, Paper Mario: Color Splash

In Paper Mario: Color Splash, the Hair Dryer is found in the spa area of Redpepper Crater. A Toad of the red Rescue Squad uses it to dry himself. Once the Hair Dryer has been picked up, it is wrung out, refills Mario's paint, and become a colorless card. Once it has been used as a card, it returns to its original position. After squeezing it, the Toad leaves. It can also be purchased from the Wringer for 250 coins and sold as an unpainted card for 1 coin. A replica version of the Hair Dryer can be collected from the Battle Spin.

When it is used in battle, the environment transitions to a savanna with the sun low in the sky. As the Hair Dryer comes down, Mario walks away. The Hair Dryer aims at the enemies and turns on, causing a small fire to start around the enemies. The fire subsides when the Hair Dryer stops and any enemies who are defeated turn into ash. The player can continuously press A Button while it is on to deal more damage.

The Hair Dryer is needed to melt the ice in Tangerino Grill. When Mario opens the freezer in the kitchen, the Magnifying Glass is seen encased in ice. Mario must use Cutout and place the Hair Dryer card. It melts the ice and frees the Magnifying Glass. It also allows the head chef to place the last piece of Mamma Mia Pizza in the freezer as a late-night snack.

The Hair Dryer can also be placed into the Prisma Museum, where it can be tested.



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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドライヤー
Chinese (Simplified) 吹风机
Hair dryer
Chinese (Traditional) 吹風機
Hair dryer
French Sèche-cheveux Hair-dryer
German Fön Hair dryer
Italian Asciugacapelli Hair dryer
Spanish Secador Dryer