Iron Jump x3

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Iron Jump x3
A Iron Jump ×3 Card in Paper Mario: Color Splash.
"Stomps even spiked enemies with three regular jumps."
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

The Iron Jump x3 is a Battle Card in Paper Mario: Color Splash. When used, Mario uses the Iron Jump attack three times in succession. Mario will jump on an enemy until he defeats it, at which point he will attack the next in line.

Iron Jumps x3 are very rare. A colored one is found from a cutout in Redpepper Volcano, and a colorless one can be found in a ? Block in Redpepper Crater. These cards require blue paint to fill in. They are a stronger version of the Iron Jump x2.

The Iron Jump x3 may be placed into the Prisma Museum as #20, alongside the other Iron Jump cards.