KO Hammer

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KO Hammer
A KO Hammer Card in Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Color Splash description Whacks a single enemy from the side with a hammer. Damages multiple enemies if executed well.

The KO Hammer is a type of Battle Card that appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It functions similarly to both the Slaphammer from Paper Mario: Sticker Star and the Super Hammer Action Command from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. For it to be painted, it takes in yellow and blue paint. When it is used in battle, Mario holds his hammer at his side and twists. If the Action Command is successfully performed, Mario strikes the enemy from the side, launching it and damaging enemies who are behind. Airborne enemies, Silver Shy Guys, and Gold Shy Guys are not affected by the launched enemy.

They can be found primarily at Bloo Bay Beach or purchased at Prisma Cardware for 7 coins unpainted or 28 coins painted. A KO Hammer can be placed into the Prisma Museum. The Big KO Hammer and Huge KO Hammer are stronger versions of the KO Hammer.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOE) Marteau valdingo From "marteau" (hammer), "valdinguer" (tumble), and "dingo" (crazy)
Italian Martello KO KO hammer