Prisma Cardware

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The interior of Prisma Cardware

Prisma Cardware (referred to as the Card Shop in the online manual) is a Battle Card shop in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It can be found in the blue district of Port Prisma. The shop is opened after Mario repaints the owner, a blue Toad. As the player progresses in the game, more cards become available. A red Toad appears outside of the shop, and tells Mario whenever a new card is available. Painted cards and non-painted cards are sold at Prisma Cardware, the former of which costs more coins.


^ indicates unpainted.

Image Card Price
PMCS Jump card unpainted.png Jump^ 5
JumpCard.png Jump 20
PMCS Jump x2 card unpainted.png Jump x2^ 15
PMCS Big Jump card unpainted.png Big Jump^ 15
BigJumpCard.png Big Jump 60
PMCS Big Jump x2 card unpainted.png Big Jump x2^ 40
PMCS Huge Jump card unpainted.png Huge Jump^ 36
HugeJumpCard.png Huge Jump 170
PMCS Hopslipper card unpainted.png Hopslipper^ 5
HopslipperCard.png Hopslipper 15
PMCS Hopslipper x2 card unpainted.png Hopslipper^ x2 12
PMCS Big Hopslipper card unpainted.png Big Hopslipper^ 20
BigHopslipperCard.png Big Hopslipper 60
PMCS Iron Jump card unpainted.png Iron Jump^ 6
IronJumpCard.png Iron Jump 22
PMCS Iron Jump x2 card unpainted.png Iron Jump x2^ 20
PMCS Big Iron Jump card unpainted.png Big Iron Jump^ 20
BigIronJumpCard.png Big Iron Jump 70
PMCS Line Jump card unpainted.png Line Jump^ 20
LineJumpCard.png Line Jump 90
PMCS Big Line Jump card unpainted.png Big Line Jump^ 50
BigLineJumpCard.png Big Line Jump 250
PMCS Spin Jump card unpainted.png Spin Jump^ 10
SpinJumpCard.png Spin Jump 30
PMCS Big Spin Jump card unpainted.png Big Spin Jump^ 20
BigSpinJumpCard.png Big Spin Jump 80
PMCS Hammer card unpainted.png Hammer^ 5
HammerCard.png Hammer 20
PMCS Hammer x2 card unpainted.png Hammer x2^ 16
PMCS Big Hammer card unpainted.png Big Hammer^ 18
BigHammerCard.png Big Hammer 75
PMCS Big Hammer x2 card unpainted.png Big Hammer x2^ 52
PMCS Huge Hammer card unpainted.png Huge Hammer^ 52
HugeHammerCard.png Huge Hammer 250
PMCS Eekhammer card unpainted.png Eekhammer^ 5
EekhammerCard.png Eekhammer 20
PMCS Eekhammer x2 card unpainted.png Eekhammer x2^ 15
PMCS Big Eekhammer card unpainted.png Big Eekhammer^ 15
BigEekhammerCard.png Big Eekhammer 60
PMCS Big Eekhammer x2 card unpainted.png Big Eekhammer x2^ 40
PMCS KO Hammer card unpainted.png KO Hammer^ 7
KOHammerCard.png KO Hammer 28
PMCS Big KO Hammer card unpainted.png Big KO Hammer^ 16
BigKOHammerCard.png Big KO Hammer 70
PMCS Hurlhammer card unpainted.png Hurlhammer^ 15
HurlhammerCard.png Hurlhammer 65
PMCS Hurlhammer x2 card unpainted.png Hurlhammer x2^ 50
PMCS Big Hurlhammer card unpainted.png Big Hurhlhammer^ 50
BigHurlhammerCard.png Big Hurhlhammer 250
PMCS Fire Flower card unpainted.png Fire Flower^ 40
FireFlowerCard.png Fire Flower 200
PMCS Big Fire Flower card unpainted.png Big Fire Flower^ 80
BigFireFlowerCard.png Big Fire Flower 300
PMCS Ice Flower card unpainted.png Ice Flower^ 40
IceFlowerCard.png Ice Flower 200
PMCS Big Ice Flower card unpainted.png Big Ice Flower^ 80
BigIceFlowerCard.png Big Ice Flower 200
POWBlockCard.png POW Block 100
MushroomCard.png Mushroom 20
BigMushroomCard.png Big Mushroom 70
MegaMushroomCard.png Mega Mushroom 150
1UpMushroomCard.png 1-Up Mushroom 300
TailCard.png Tail 80
SpikeHelmetCard.png Spike Helmet 80
FrogSuitCard.png Frog Suit 80