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Mario, a Toad and Huey viewing a Holo-Peach in Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Mario and Huey viewing the first Holo-Peach's message.

The Holo-Peach is a type of messaging system found in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is used in the form of a greeting card with a built-in hologram projector that shows a hologram of Princess Peach. After Peach gets kidnapped by Black Bowser earlier in the game, she later sends Mario these Holo-Peaches detailing information on Black Bowser's plans after she was kidnapped. There are seven Holo-Peaches in all throughout the game. In addition to the Holo-Peach dialogue, the Toad in Peach's room has dialogue for each Holo-Peach the player collects, though they can only show him the most recent one.

Locations of Holo-Peaches[edit]

Princess Peach's messages[edit]

  • "Mario! I've been kidnapped by Bowser! And... he seems different somehow. I mean besides all of the black paint, obviously. Anyway, it doesn't seem he intends to harm me, but I'd still appreciate it if you could rescue me ASAP! I'm not quite sure where this airship is headed yet, but I'll send you another Holo-Peach once I find out.
    - Peach"
    (PR-M1, Port Prisma)
  • "Dear Mario,
    I witnessed something terrible from the airship where I'm being held. Some horrendous black... thing was dropped on Sunglow Ridge. It painted everything black in an instant! Bowser just watched and laughed, seemingly pleased with himself. He must have given the order! Why haven't you rescued me yet?!"
    (PR-M2, Port Prisma)
  • "My Dear Mario,
    It seems like the airship will be arriving... somewhere soon. But all I see when I look around is an endless sea of clouds. We must be incredibly high up in the sky. Wait... What?! The ship is going inside something now... But we're so high up! What is this place...?"
    (PR-M3, Redpepper Volcano)
  • "Mario,
    I want to tell you what I've seen. I was taken off the ship and led down a long hallway. There's no doubt about it- I'm inside Bowser's Castle! But, I don't really understand how that's possible, or where the castle is located. We seem to be surrounded by fog... or clouds? Regardless, I am unharmed. You may consider this Holo-Peach proof of life. I've no doubt that you'll rescue me, Mario. Please, hurry!
    (PR-M4, Mustard Café)
  • "Mario!
    I've discovered that Bowser himself mailed us that colorless Toad just to lure me into his clutches! The black paint he's covered in has given him tremendous power, and he's using that newfound power to feed his ambitions. He kidnapped me to demonstrate his power, and he's not done yet. Mario, he's planning something. Something absolutely terrifying..."
    (PR-M5, Lighthouse Island)
  • "My Dearest Mario,
    I know why Bowser is collecting paint from all over Prism Island! He wants to show the entire world the power of black paint! You wouldn't believe the wild look in his eye when he goes on about it... sometimes for hours. I know Bowser has done a lot of bad things over the years, but the black paint has turned him into a different beast entirely. It's like he's possessed. I really think he's going to do something terrible. Mario, please hurry to Bowser's Castle! If we don't stop him soon, I fear the worst... for us all."
    (PR-M6, Tangerino Grill)
  • "Mario, I figured out what Bowser's plan is! He's going to-
    (PR-M7, Port Prisma)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピーチロイド
Italian Olo-Peach Holo-Peach
Russian Пич-проектор
Peach Projector
Spanish (NOA) Peach-grama Peach-gram
Spanish (NOE) Postal Micropeach Micropeach postcard


  • According to the developers' notes in the electronic manual, the Holo-Peach did not feature holograms and used to move up and down much faster. In addition, it used to activate farther from Mario and moved closer from him. After some initial shock from the development staff, they changed its behavior.