Mustard Café

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Mustard Café
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A big hole with a resting Toad falling in it.

How to access Obtain the yellow Mini Paint Star from Sacred Forest
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Mustard Café is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the Yellow Mini Paint Star from Sacred Forest, and unlocks a path leading to Toad Trainworks. It is the longest level in the game.


The first part of the level is a desert where a café is located. However, it is locked since the Toad that runs the café (referred to as chef) is taking a rest and having a sunbath. A giant colorless spot is found in the center of the area.

The Purple Big Paint Star needs to be collected in order to repaint the entrance to the main area of the level. It is a huge shifting sands cave featuring Pokeys and green pipes. Mario and Huey fall into the hole, and Huey disappears in the shifting sands, causing Mario to be unable to use the Paint Hammer or the Cutout technique until he rescues Huey from a Green Pokey.

When Mario finds the chef of the café, who had fallen into the cave when the hole got repainted, he offers to give Mario the key to the café if they exit from the cave.

Eventually, they find the pipe back to Mustard Café, but at that moment they get swallowed by some yellow Snifits hidden in the shifting sands and get imprisoned in the Snifit Undersand Hideout. Mario has to find out how to escape and rescue the chef. After defeating some Shy Guys and Snifits, they exit from the jail area and use the pipe to Mustard Café. The chef opens the café and exits the Orange Mini Paint Star.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マスター・ド・カフェ
Masutā Do Kafe
Can refer to both 「マスタード」 "mustard" and the owner, whose nickname is 「マスター」
Spanish Café Mostaza Mustard Café
French Café Curry Curry Cafe
Dutch Boterbloemburg Buttercupburg
German Bistroase Bistroasis (pun on bistro and oasis)
Russian Бистро «Горчичное»
Bistro «Gorchichnoye»
Mustard Bistro


  • Part of the theme that plays in the shifting sands area is a sitar cover of the Super Mario Bros. underground theme.
  • A glitch happens in the Holo-Peach sequence if the chef is following the player: Huey clips in front of and behind the chef.[1]
  • If the max paint meter is high enough, one can attempt to repaint the giant colorless spot with the paint hammer, rather than with the Purple Big Paint Star, but after a certain point the game prevents the player from filling in any more spots, even if they are not part of the hole, until they leave the level. [2]