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“Now... Stand back, citizen! Justice Toad, savior of Prism Island, has returned to crush evildoers!”
Justice Toad, Paper Mario: Color Splash
Justice Toad
Red Chosen Toad sprite from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

Justice Toad is a red Toad and one of the three Chosen Toads in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He first appears in Cherry Lake, but later moves to the Crimson Tower and stays there for the rest of the game.


When Mario and Huey arrive at the red Mini Paint Star at Port Prisma, one of Bowser's airships flies into view. It carries a large bucket of red paint, and a Toad is seen clinging onto the bucket. However, Huey does not seem to notice the Toad, instead questioning if the paint was all stolen from Port Prisma.

After arriving at Cherry Lake, Mario and Huey see the airship once again. The Toad's grip loosens and he falls off, into the lake. Huey is worried and encourages Mario to look for him. Later, the Toad is seen again stuck in a tree, almost being blown away by gusts of wind. Mario removes the Fan causing the wind, and opens a path to the Toad. Mario must approach the tree and hammer it, sending the Toad to the ground. He realizes that he is not wearing any clothes besides his underwear and quickly runs to hide behind a bush. Introducing himself as Justice Toad, he thanks Mario for saving him and explains why he was stuck on the airship. Justice Toad says that he had seen the paint being stolen and grabbed onto the bucket, but the airship moved so fast that he could not hold on and lost his clothing items while falling. Huey initially assumes that Justice Toad is joking about his name, but agrees to help him anyways.

Mario must find Justice Toad's shoes, pants, journal, and vest around Cherry Lake and deliver them to him. With all his items back, Justice Toad gets dressed and hops out from behind the bush. He promises to help them, and while Huey is still skeptical, he tells Justice Toad about a blue Mini Paint Star just out of reach. When he arrives, Justice Toad says that he can help and begins squatting, trying to use his "powers of justice." Huey leaves, unimpressed, only for Justice Toad to grow a key out of his head and use telekinesis to move the Mini Paint Star. They both react in surprise, with Justice Toad not knowing that he truly had superpowers. He states that he will continue to stay at Cherry Lake until his help is needed.

Once Mario and Huey visit the Crimson Tower and observe the gate out front, they realize that Justice Toad's key is shaped like one of the keyholes. Mario must return to Cherry Lake and talk to Justice Toad, who then flies off to the Crimson Tower using his superpowers. Once Justice Toad, Surfing Kinopio, and the Mountain Sage have been gathered at the gate, they jump into the keyholes. Justice Toad instructs Mario to force them in, and after all three are hit with Mario's hammer, the gate opens and their heads appear through holes at the top.

Justice Toad is seen again during the dance once the red Big Paint Star is recovered, sticking out his key with the other Chosen Toads. He reappears during the celebration at Port Prisma after Black Bowser is defeated. Additionally, Mario can visit Justice Toad at any time by going to the entrance of the Crimson Tower. As Mario progresses, Justice Toad states that he is thinking of a move to instantly defeat enemies, but realizes that there may not be any enemies left by the time he gets out of the gate.


  • "Mario! Thanks for the save! Too bad you couldn't save my dignity. My clothes fell off when I fell from the airship! I wanted to teach those paint-stealing villains a lesson, so I jumped on their ship! But that thing is faster than it looks! I was hanging on for dear life, and my grip finally gave out. But mark my words— I will deliver swift Toad justice to those filthy paint pilferers! For I am the Toad who casts light on the shadows of injustice! I am... (DUN DUH NUH NUH...)"
  • "I assure you there is no face straighter! I am the hero that Prism Island needs! But before I can save the world, I'll need to...comply with public indecency laws. Do you think you could go find my clothes? Pretty please? Justice Toad requires clothing! How am I to exact swift justice without pants?!"
  • "Justice Toad is still feeling a bit bare! I'm afraid I'm stuck in this bush for the time being."
  • "Justice Toad is feeling slightly more confident in his appearance! But I'm still a teensy bit nekkid. Yes! Just a little more clothing, and Justice Toad can use his power of memory suppression to forget this ever happened!"
  • "Justice Toad is fully clothed! But I still feel like I'm missing something..."
  • "Ah yes! That's my legendary chest armor, the Hyper-Fabulous Jacket!"
  • "BEHOLD! The Mega-Splendiferous Tights, crucial for protecting my heroic hindquarters!"
  • "Ah! My Overdrive Gravity Boots! Using those, I can harness the power of gravity to stay on the ground!"
  • "Ah, my heroic journal! That's, uh, just something I was doodling in. Don't worry about it!"
  • "Tada! Behold my Super Justice Suit! Now... Stand back, citizen! Justice Toad, savior of Prism Island, has returned to crush evildoers!"
  • "Don't hesitate to light the Justice signal if you're in need of help! Nothing lies beyond the reach of the long arm of JUSTICE!"
  • "If you ever need help with anything, don't hesitate to call on me! Nothing lies beyond the reach of the long arm of JUSTICE!"
  • "Whaaaaat?! Someone actually wants my help? *ahem* I mean... Sounds like a job for Justice Toad! Let's go!"
  • "You needed some help with this star, right? It certainly is a little far out there... But don't worry! This star is no match for the power of JUSTICE!"
  • "Stand back!"
  • "Whoa! I ACTUALLY DID IT! I mean, I wished really hard, but I didn't think I actually had superpowers!"
  • "So...I... I really AM a hero!"
  • "Yeah—a crazy-powerful person! Thanks for helping me discover my true power. I promise to use it to uphold JUSTICE throughout the land! Until then, I guess I'll just wait here until someone needs my help."
  • "The Crimson Tower, huh? It's close enough to walk, but forget that! I've got superpowers now! Justice takes flight!"
  • "The Crimson Tower, huh? It's close enough to walk, but scrap that! I've got superpowers now! Justice takes flight!"
  • "OPEN, GATE! FOR JUSTICE DEMANDS IT! ...Nothing? Sorry, I think we're gonna need at least three super Toads for this one."
  • "It's time to fulfill our destiny..."
  • "Hey, Mario. Think you could give us a little...oomph? Like, some...KAPOW! You know what I mean?"
  • "C'mon, Mario! Kapow me! For Justice!"
  • "JUSTICE!"
  • "Take care! I hope you find the Big Paint Star...for justice! Go get that Big Paint Star!"
  • "There are still five Big Paint Stars left. You've got a long way to go, but justice is on your side!"
  • "That means there's just four Big Paint Stars left. Good luck, Mario!"
  • "But unfortunately we can't help you find those last three Big Paint Stars. You know, because our fates are forever sealed in this itchy door. But we're all heroes in our own way. Go find those Paint Stars, Mario! FOR JUSTICE! Ugh... If I ever get out of here, I'm gonna use my powers to come up with a special move that'll one-shot any bad dude on the planet! Although, by the time Mario's done, there might not be any bad dudes left. Save some for me!"
  • "Just two Big Paint Stars to go. May justice be with you! Did Yellow fall asleep? Or is this the final level of meditation? He looks so peaceful."
  • "Just that green Big Paint Star left to find! Go get it!"
  • "We'll all be cheering you on from here! Go restore peace and justice to Prism Island! Maybe then we'll be able to get out of this gate for a little bit..."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 赤キノピオ
Aka Kinopio
Red Toad

French Toad Justicier
Toad Vigilante
German Justitia-Toad
Justice Toad
Italian Wonder Toad
Parody of Wonder Woman
Spanish El Toad Justiciero
The Justice Toad