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Excess Express conductor
Excess Express Conductor TTYD.png
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
“Someone's lifted the drawbridge! The train can't leave the station like this!”
Excess Express conductor, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

The Excess Express conductor is a Toad who works on the Excess Express in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He takes care of the passengers' needs. Unlike other Toads, the conductor sports a black cap with red spots, instead of the usual white cap.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

When Mario boards the Excess Express, he reports the sticky, yummy threat to the conductor, who then reports to Pennington, the only detective on board. After Mario gives an autograph of the train engineer to Bub the Bob-omb kid, Mario must talk to the conductor, who reports that he found himself one blanket short when distributing them to the passengers as he had given his own to the last passenger, meaning that one of the passengers came aboard without a ticket. As he won't be able to sleep comfortably without his blanket, he asks Mario to look for the unticketed passenger and get the blanket. Mario has to go to Cabin 004 and use Vivian to hide in the shadows, which makes Ghost T. appear. Mario must ask the ghost for the blanket, but Ghost T. asks Mario to fetch his diary that is in the baggage car first. Mario must return to the conductor, to whom he has to explain the situation for access into the baggage car, which the conductor grants him as he steps aside. In the baggage car, Mario must use Paper Mode to squeeze through two crates to find a ragged diary (If Mario reads the diary, he will get an automatic Game Over). Mario must hand the diary to Ghost T., who gives him the blanket as promised, and Mario must give it to the conductor, who rewards him with a Mushroom. Afterward, the conductor tells Mario that he should go to bed for the night.

On the third day, the conductor gets absorbed into a hoard of Smorgs that attack the train. Mario fends off the Smorgs in the baggage car and free the conductor, along with the waitress. After Mario defeats the Smorgs, causing them to blow away in the wind, the conductor expresses his surprise that everything Mario did over the three days aboard the train was to save everybody on board.

Later, Ghost T. possesses him so he can write an e-mail to Mario.


  • "That's the conductor of the Excess Express. He takes care of passengers' needs. Keeping this train running smoothly is not just the engineer's job, y'know."

Goombella has an alternate tattle for the conductor after Mario rescues him from the Smorgs in the baggage car.

  • "That's the conductor of the Excess Express. I bet he didn't expect all this today!"