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The Thousand-Year Door enemy
An X-Yux from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Location(s) X-Naut Fortress
Max HP 10
Attack 3
Defense 1
Moves Ring Toss (3, Piercing, Stop), Zap (2x5, Piercing, Stop)
Items None
Coins 5
Log A new Yux designed to protect important areas. Its attacks will sometimes immobilize you.
Level 32
Exp. points 0
Sleep? 0%
Dizzy? 0%
Confuse? 0%
Tiny? 0%
Burn? 0%
Freeze? 0%
Stop? 0%
Soft? 0%
Fright? 0%
Gale Force? 0%
KO? 10%

That's an X-Yux. I hear this is read as "Cross"-Yux, not as "Ex"-Yux. Anyway, this is a new Yux designed to protect extra-important areas… They were designed to be unbeatable. They're not. Max HP is 10, Attack is 3, and Defense is 1. It can produce two Mini-X-Yuxes at once. AND, it has an excellent success rate of immobilizing opponents. We gotta do something about that if we're gonna win.

Tattle Log #:

X-Yux is an upgrade of the original Yux found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. According to Goombella, its name is pronounced "Cross-Yux" instead of "Ex-Yux", although she opens her tattle with "That's an X-Yux", suggesting that she used the incorrect pronunciation before reading the correction.

A solitary X-Yux is used as the guard of Grodus' room in the X-Naut Fortress. Additionally, if three questions of the 66th Annual Quirk Quiz are answered incorrectly, the player will have to face two X-Yux. In battle, a X-Yux spawns two Mini-X-Yux each round, up to a maximum of four per X-Yux. As such, it is invincible while Mini-X-Yux are surrounding it. When a X-Yux is surrounded by four Mini-X-Yux, it shoots five beams at Mario and his partner. They will likely be immobilized, being set up for an endless combo, and thus preventing retaliation.

The X-Yuxes, as with the rest of the Yux family, are notable in that their beam attacks pierce all Defend Plus and Damage Dodge badges that Mario and his partner have equipped. This means that their attacks and immobilization can only be defended against with the use of Guards and Superguards.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バリアーンXX
Bariān Ekkusu Ekkusu
Yux XX

French Cruxirouge
Pun on "crux-" (a prefix referring to a cross) and "rouge" (red)
German Crucimat XXL
Italian Rostella XX
Yux XX
Spanish Centinela XX
Yux XX


  • In the Spanish translation, an X-Yux is called a "Centinela XX". In her tattle, Goombella wonders if the XX means a "double X" or if it is actually twenty in Roman numerals. In the Italian translation, she says that "XX" is pronounced "per per". In the German translation, she says that "XX" is just pronounced "Kreuzkreuz" (crosscross). In the French translation, she sarcastically comments that the X-Nauts are obsessed with crosses.