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Mario using Power Lift

Power Lift is a Special Move that can be used by Mario in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It raises the Attack and Defense of Mario and his current partner for three turns and requires 3 SP to use. The success of the Action Command determines the number of points each stat is raised by.

Power Lift in gameplay

To use the move, Mario must have the Gold Star, which is obtained at the end of Chapter 3. The Action Command involves a 9-square grid in which red Attack arrows, blue Defense arrows, and Poison Mushrooms appear periodically. The player has a limited amount of time (which is not shown) to move a cursor up, down, left and right with the Control Stick, and press A Button to select as many arrows as possible. Each arrow appears for only a few seconds; when selected, the arrow fills up the gauge by 1/5 of its total amount. Every time a gauge fills completely, one point is added to the respective stat (Attack or Defense). If the player selects a Poison Mushroom square, the cursor moves at half speed for a short time which makes it harder to select arrows.

When Grubba found the Gold Star and learned how to do Power Lift, he designed a power-draining machine, which he kept hidden under the Glitz Pit, that amplified Power Lift's effect at the expense of others' life forces. He drained Prince Mush, KP Pete, and Bandy Andy to become his supercharged form, Macho Grubba, before he was caught and defeated. All his victims were subsequently revived.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ムキムキボディ
Mukimuki Bodi
Tough Body
French SuperPêche Pun on "super" and "pêche" (here used as a French expression which stands for "to be in top form")
German Powerplus Power Plus
Italian Ricaricorpo Recharging Body