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Section of the Mail Service

The Rogueport Direct Mail Service (also known by the abbreviation RDM) is a magazine-like email service published in Rogueport and distributed by the Rogueport Restoration Committee. Professor Frankly subscribed Mario to RDM during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and he receives issues of the service in his Mailbox SP, usually after beating a chapter.

The main body of an issue of RDM is all about various newsworthy things, from gossip (such as the relationship between Zess T. and Toadsworth) to local news (such as Goomfrey beating up the Pianta Exchanger in the Pianta Parlor, who later commented that it did not feel any pain). The next part of an issue is "Shop Reporter Go!", which showcases a shop from the game (usually from the preceding chapter) and its owner. Often, the player will be rewarded with double shop points when buying at the shop that is showcased. The offer only lasts for fifteen minutes within receiving the email. The issue is concluded with "Cooking for Rookies", which showcases various recipes that can be made by Zess T., if the right ingredients are brought to her. After this, there is an Editor's Note, usually promising a good next issue, and a note that the issue was published by the Rogueport Restoration Committee.


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Mario receives eight emails during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The first is a registration verification email and the rest are regular issues. A bonus "hidden" section in the final email was removed from the English GameCube version for unknown reasons.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴロツキ・ダイレクト・メール
Gorotsuki Dairekuto Mēru
Jī Dī Emu

Rogue Direct Mail

Short for Gorotsuki Dairekuto Mēru

Chinese (simplified) 恶宣电
è xuān diàn

Villain Town Promotional Email

French Lettre d'Information de Port-Lacanaïe
Rogueport Newsletter
Italian Mailing List di Fannullopoli
Mailing List of Rogueport
Korean 부랑배 다이렉트 메일 - BDM
Burangbae Dairekteu Meil
Burangbae Direct Mail

Spanish MVV
Mailing de Villa Viciosa
Spanish (NOA) Servicio de correo de Villa Viciosa
Vicious Village's Mail Service