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Darkly offers to write Mario and Yoshi's name on the clothing

Darkly is a Twilighter who is found in east Rogueport, behind the fake wall to the left of Merlon's house. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario and his party try to enter Twilight Town, but the Warp Pipe rejects them. Professor Frankly then tells Mario to find Darkly, who tells them that they need to have a piece of clothing with their names on it to enter the town, so he writes their names on their clothing to help them through. Darkly states that he would like to visit Twilight Town but does not want to get in the sun, so he just stays where he is.

When Mario learns that Darkly is Mayor Dour's grandson, he tries to tell Darkly about the curse that turned Dour into a pig, but Darkly does not believe him.


  • "That's Darkly. He loooooooves the dark. He just stays here in the shadows all day long. Sounds kinda creepy to me, but hey, whatever powers you up, know what I mean?"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クラガリさん
From「暗がり」(kuragari, darkness) with「さん」(the honorific san)
French Atone Expressionless
German Finstus "Finster" (dark) and common German name ending "us"
Italian Moreno Common Italian name; also from "moro" (dark)
Spanish Tenebrio From "tenebroso" (dark) with name ending "-io"